Monday, September 5, 2011

how did I celebrate my Raya this year?

Selamat Hari Raya semua,
Maaf Zahir Batin.

today is the 5th of Syawal, ohh how time flies.

my dad used to say this "nak raya, nak raya, dah raya dah pun"

Haha. that's so true. kejap je masa berlalu. Ramadhan pun dah berakhir. just feel like as if yesterday we began our puasa. huhuhu. sedihnyaaa Ramadhan dah berlalu. Entah bertemu lagi ke tak Ramadhan tahun depan. Insyaallah, kita jumpa lagi Ya Ramadhan.

Sesungguhnya, Raya di New Zealand isn't bad at all. even without the presence of family members and relatives, we still could have fun and raya's spirit is still in the air. Alhamdullillah, Allah has blessed me with wonderful people around me, so my raya days were full with colours, laughter, happiness and nice FOOD. our house, had 'Raya Open House' on the second Syawal. the three of us, me, Ecah, Lily invited our cohort 3.1 members to our house. I came up with Kuah Kacang and Nasi Himpit, Ecah with her finger lickin finger good Nasi Kerabu and Lily with her mouth-watering Mee Bandung. Our open house was a success. received a lot of good feedbacks from the guests =) mine was the first try ever. thank God, my kuah kacang tasted good. i also baked some kuih raya.

this is my second year i have celebrated my raya without family. of course, i feel really bad about it. i feel really homesick. time malam raya tue, i cried when I heard the takbir, then besoknya time sembahyang raya pun, i cried. at that time, i felt sooooo empty. as if a part of me was missing. i should be beraya with family, but due to circumstances, i couldn't celebrate Raya with my family back in Malaysia. sobss. okey that's enough with 'tacing' story nie. let the pics do the talking aye?

 first Syawal, beraya di High Commission of Malaysia. 
 i had teary eyes. sobsss. listening to takbir raya did touch my heart.
at night, beraya di rumah 'Datin-Datin'.
 our Open House on the second of Syawal.
 third Syawal, Beraya di rumah Azu dan Izzati. had sup ekor and nasi himpit. yawww
 Stadfford Open House
4rd Syawal, beraya di Att, Ada, Izatul, Najwa and Naufal's Open House. tidak lupa jugak Open house Rumah Naia and Mufid :)

copied from my FB's status,

Satu Syawal di NZ, disambut dgn meriah, with nice food, gelak ketawa rakan2 secohort, camwhoring, open house here n there. Still, hati nie terasa sayu tatkala mendengar takbir raya. Mengenangkan Ramadhan yg sudah berakhir, wajah ayah ibu, adik2 nun jauh di sana. Sedih sikit laa. tapi life must go on rite?

Alhamdullillah, raya tahun nie, i managed to smile though i have a little sorrow in my heart.
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