Saturday, December 22, 2012

Autumn is a season when every leaf speaks bliss to us.

Day 3: A picture to somewhere you have been to. 

       I don't remember this place. But I'm glad I came to such a lovely place. It was autumn. One of my favourite seasons. It's a small town that we stopped by on the way to Cape Palliser, a couple of hours drive from Wellington city. I seriously can't recall the name of the town. Never mind, at least I had been there. I'm super glad that we always came across random places during our 2 years stay in New Zealand. It was really worth it. I'm also glad that I used every opportunity that I had back in NZ to explore the places around the Wellington. I'm proud to say that I have left this country without any regrets :) Thank you God for this great life. There are lots of things happened recently. I've been praying a lot to make me feel good. Nak sedapkan hati atas semua yang terjadi. it's really hard but I try my best to forget everything and to live my to the fullest. Maybe Allah has better plans for me. I'm pretty sure about that. Kita jadi sedih bila tengok orang lain gembira but the truth is we choose to be upset over everything. why can't we forget everything that happened?  It's the solution to all kind of problems. by forgetting and throwing myself into other interests, I'll be happy with the current life.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't judge what you don't understand

      You know what is the thing that I hate the most? people telling me what to do especially stuff regarding my own life. 

"you know this is wrong, that is wrong" 

urgh that's so annoying. are you shitting me? don't tell me what to do. don't tell me what should I become. don't tell me how should I act. let me just being me. can I just be me? please let me live my own life. stop meddling in my personal matter and my interests. you don't know me. you don't even try to get to know me better. you only judge me. JUDGE. don't be so quick to judge me. I fight to keep my faith. just so you know. you are never ever ever going to be part of me. like ever. 

Me x

Sunday, December 16, 2012

the lost of young souls.

       Gosh. did you watch the news today? the world is so messed up, there are too many killings and destruction. People are becoming heartless and psycho. Have the people forgotten about humanity and God. I woke up today to some shocking news about the senseless school shooting in Connecticut. it's terrible. I feel sick to my stomach upon hearing the news. I wanted to puke. 26 killed including the kids and teachers. This is unspeakable. my heart and thoughts go to all who have been affected by this tragedy. I can't imagine on what families of the victims are going through. So sad. Several teachers died in an attempt to stop the gunman from shooting the young students. those teachers were heroes seriously. I'm so touched ;( what is wrong with the world these days? not just in US. the killing could happen anywhere in this world even in this country.  like seriously how could a person look into the kids eyes and shoot them. this is crazy. I don't understand. a normal person wouldn't do that. Even if you're sick, one shall not kill children for god's sake. they're just young innocent kids. I'm losing faith in humanity. poor kids ;( May Allah protect us all. Amin.

p/s: Hug a teacher today :) 

I refuse to read crime news anymore. I'm getting paranoid. the world isn't a safe place anymore.

A new hobby and my best friend's wedding.

Oh man, this is a delayed post. ha. It's really hard for me to find time for blogging these days. I have just adopted a brand new hobby for the past few weeks. Do ya really wanna know what it is? Well, it's a Zumba stuff. I'm super determined to get a flat tummy and to lose few more kgs. yes that's my goal. Do watch the video below. I really love the routines. I'm pretty sure that few of you are wondering what's with the zumba bollywood thingy? ha ha You don't understand. I heart Bollywood songs so much because the songs are pretty catchy and I feel like dancing. hehe
Let's get to the main story. So two weeks ago, I went to JB with my girlfriends to attend my best friend's akad nikah and wedding reception. Before depart for JB, we stopped at Bemban, Melaka to attend another girlfriend's wedding reception. we couldn't stay longer. Still, we managed to camhore with the bride, Farah Haris :) 
posing with the bride (in purple Kurung) before the make over. Congrats Farah and hubby. Wishing you guys a happy marriage :) God bless.
from Bemban, we drove to JB. we managed to arrive at the Majidee mosque before the Akad started. The Akad went well so did the wedding reception the next day. Everything was beautiful and filled with loveliness including the bride and the groom. They were looking so gorgeous. I'm so happy for them.
 Acap and Anne's Akad Nikah.
The wedding reception. what an absolutely beautiful couple! a perfect match like a match made in heaven :)
The bachelorettes. which one is your flava? hehe :D
 Single pringle. the girl next to me is taken aha :D

Congratulation Annie and hubby. Wishing you guys a marriage filled with love and joy. please make cute babies kay :D when will my turn come eh to get married? ha ha lambat lagi. lambat lagi. that's all for now. will update about the Singapore trip in the next coming post. ciao! 


Friday, December 14, 2012


taken from Tumblr. whoever wrote this, thanks. Many thanks seriously. You made me feel good about myself. Now, I feel beautiful :)
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