Thursday, June 28, 2012

the first meeting.

Hi there, because my blog is dying so I decided to post something here. I was asked by the cohort leader to write this reflection. why me? well, i accepted this responsibility with an open heart :)

Time: 11.00 am - 1.00 pm
Date: 25 June 2012
Venue: Dewan Farabi
Content: Collaborative Workshop: Headmasters, Cooperating teachers, Supervisors, Student-teachers

Before the first meeting with the headmasters and cooperative, I thought about so many things and also I went through many emotions like nervous, excited, panic etc. I had so many questions running through my mind. What will they be like? Will they be supportive? My partner and I were very nervous at first. I was worried that our cooperative teacher and us would not get along. When the time came for us to meet with the headmaster and the cooperative teacher, all I could do was hope and pray that things went smoothly. I soon found out that any worries I had were no longer an issue.Cikgu Amir, the headmaster, and Cikgu Yusuf, the cooperative teacher were very friendly and supportive people. If my partner and I had any question, they always had an answer. Both of them made us feel comfortable and respected. They were also eager to know more about my partner and I. They asked lots of questions about New Zealand. Like, What are difference between primary education in NZ and Malaysia? They were very impressed with the answers that we gave them. Cikgu Yusuf, our cooperative teacher, was eager to see what were the new things, theories, practices that we could bring to the school and perhaps we might be able to apply them successfully. They were very impressed to know that we studied 2 years in New Zealand and we even had teaching experiences there. We were very flattered to hear their compliments and hoping that we could do all we can to impress them at school. Cikgu Yusuf, recommended that during the first week of practicum, we could start coming into the classroom and teach the students, although, he's being informed by our lecturers that during the first week, we were not required to teach yet. He said that it would be great if we could start early and be familiar with the pupils. My partner and I did say nothing about it. We thought of that as a challenge and a good start for us. The meeting ended well and we bid them goodbyes. They were expecting to see us soon at school. we can't wait too!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

am i ready?

am i confident enough?

am i wise enough?

am i prepared enough?

i can only give the same answer to every question . which is NO.
OMG OMG practicum is next week. i'm gonna die. help me Lord. i'm freaking scared. i'm totally shaking. these negative feelings have been boiling up inside me that i feel i could explode at anytime. huwaaa. i'm so nervous like hell. chill chill.

alright this quotation really helps to ease my pain a little. by remembering Allah, everything will be fine. Insyaallah. Qistina Fahimi. you can do this. fighting! this might be my last post at the time being. i don't know. i don't feel like blogging anymore. currently, i've been busy tumblring, tweeting and stalking Zayn Malik. oopps.  tumblr is so much fun ya know. with all those beautiful, animation gifs and images, i just can't resist tumblr. RIP blogspot. heh. that's all for now. 

till then, cheerio.
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