Monday, September 5, 2011

how did I celebrate my Raya this year?

Selamat Hari Raya semua,
Maaf Zahir Batin.

today is the 5th of Syawal, ohh how time flies.

my dad used to say this "nak raya, nak raya, dah raya dah pun"

Haha. that's so true. kejap je masa berlalu. Ramadhan pun dah berakhir. just feel like as if yesterday we began our puasa. huhuhu. sedihnyaaa Ramadhan dah berlalu. Entah bertemu lagi ke tak Ramadhan tahun depan. Insyaallah, kita jumpa lagi Ya Ramadhan.

Sesungguhnya, Raya di New Zealand isn't bad at all. even without the presence of family members and relatives, we still could have fun and raya's spirit is still in the air. Alhamdullillah, Allah has blessed me with wonderful people around me, so my raya days were full with colours, laughter, happiness and nice FOOD. our house, had 'Raya Open House' on the second Syawal. the three of us, me, Ecah, Lily invited our cohort 3.1 members to our house. I came up with Kuah Kacang and Nasi Himpit, Ecah with her finger lickin finger good Nasi Kerabu and Lily with her mouth-watering Mee Bandung. Our open house was a success. received a lot of good feedbacks from the guests =) mine was the first try ever. thank God, my kuah kacang tasted good. i also baked some kuih raya.

this is my second year i have celebrated my raya without family. of course, i feel really bad about it. i feel really homesick. time malam raya tue, i cried when I heard the takbir, then besoknya time sembahyang raya pun, i cried. at that time, i felt sooooo empty. as if a part of me was missing. i should be beraya with family, but due to circumstances, i couldn't celebrate Raya with my family back in Malaysia. sobss. okey that's enough with 'tacing' story nie. let the pics do the talking aye?

 first Syawal, beraya di High Commission of Malaysia. 
 i had teary eyes. sobsss. listening to takbir raya did touch my heart.
at night, beraya di rumah 'Datin-Datin'.
 our Open House on the second of Syawal.
 third Syawal, Beraya di rumah Azu dan Izzati. had sup ekor and nasi himpit. yawww
 Stadfford Open House
4rd Syawal, beraya di Att, Ada, Izatul, Najwa and Naufal's Open House. tidak lupa jugak Open house Rumah Naia and Mufid :)

copied from my FB's status,

Satu Syawal di NZ, disambut dgn meriah, with nice food, gelak ketawa rakan2 secohort, camwhoring, open house here n there. Still, hati nie terasa sayu tatkala mendengar takbir raya. Mengenangkan Ramadhan yg sudah berakhir, wajah ayah ibu, adik2 nun jauh di sana. Sedih sikit laa. tapi life must go on rite?

Alhamdullillah, raya tahun nie, i managed to smile though i have a little sorrow in my heart.

Monday, August 15, 2011

the day it snowed in Wellington.

Antarctic blast brought snow to the capital Wellington for the first time since 50 years ago (betul ke fakta nie :P). Sorry i need to do some reading about this very rare phenomenal. huhu.
FYI, Wellington has not snowed for decades. So, when it snowed this morning. it was magical.

i've no idea it will be snowing today. So, i just went out unprepared and clueless. of course i didn't bring the camera. like i said, i didn't know. it was raining heavily at that time. i was on my way to the city to catch a bus to university when suddenly i saw something white, soft falling from the sky. OMG it was SNOW. i was too excited and i quickly held out both my hands to catch a few snowflakes. somehow, i could feel the time just froze. i was so lost in thought, admiring the snowflakes falling around me. that moment was too memorable for me. i didn't care if i would miss my bus. i just need to stop walking. stood there all alone. in the street. admiring the snowfall. i could have sworn, i was smiling all the time. from ear to ear. mula la berangan ade background music playing winter sonata song at that time. AHAHA. what makes me even more happier, passers by that i met, their faces were lit with joy too! everyone was HAPPY. SMILING. gosh, i feel so blessed today. thank you Allah. Ramadhan yang penuh dengan rahmat.
My beloved Victoria University of Wellington
Snow is falling
From the sky above
Falling slowly
Falling smoothly
Soft snowflakes,
Casting magic to the lives of Wellington,
Snow is falling
Allah, You have not created this for nothing,
Forever we thank You.

p/s: stole the pic from Ecah's FB. thanks roomie! Ecaah merajuk nie. sampai hati camwhoring tak ajak saye. tsk tsk. sob sob.

Friday, August 5, 2011

the worst pain ever.

Ya Allah,

i'm in pain.

i have had a toothache since yesterday. and the pain is really annoying. gosh, i feel like crying. and yes i cried yesterday. cried in sleep. because the pain is too much to bear. huhu. i got a toothache in the middle of the night yesterday right after i ate a chocolate bar. dang! my left face went numb. somehow i can feel the tooth pain spread to my left ear. and soon I think i will get a headache due to the pain. it's frustrating. i can't sleep. but i want to sleep badly. i have to work tomorrow morning. please please, dear teeth. be nice to me. Ya Allah, dugaan berpuasa. toothache is like the worst pain you could experience in life. it tortures you. the pain is excruciating. sob sob.

anyone who cares to give me some petua for toothache cures? any petua that can help to relieve the pain a little? huhu. i'm in pain >.< help!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

There's still tomorrow, forget the sorrow.

sedih kan? bila diri ini dilupakan. sedih kan? bila diri ini tidak dihargai. sedih kan? bila apa yang diimpikan hanyalah mimpi. tidak tercapai. it's really upsetting. when you are thousands kilometers away from your homeland and nobody cares? especially by your own flesh and blood. sedih kan? when you thought someone as your friend, you cares about them but doesn't go to you when he or she has some problems? sedih kan?

life is good eh? i hate this statement. it's a total lie! life sucks.

when you do good to people, but your good isn't good enough, life's suck.
when you keep doing a mess in things, after all the efforts! life's suck.
when people sarcastically insulted you after all the good things you have done to them. life sucks.

fullstop. stop being emo Tina. it's Ramadhan. a month for self-restraint, reflection, devotion, seeking guidance and forgiveness. sesungguhnya, marah itu sifat yang tidak baik.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,

All the praise and thanks to Allah because i'm still breathing right at this moment, still be given a chance to welcome Ramadhan and to undergo Ramadhan once again. I'm going to make the most of this holy month. I really hope Ramadhan this year will be better than the last. Hoping for a better change. Amin. Insyallah. Berusaha Tina!

Selamat Berpuasa semua :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just a teaser.

And finally Winter, with its bitin', whinin' wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow -Roy Bean
Mount Cook, South Island.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the Innocent Charms.

oh man, my blog is dying. sigh* sorry i've been crazy busy for the past month. June was CRAZYY i tell you. huhu. the teaching Experience, South Island Winter Trip and with the new trimester just started last week, i could hardly breath. phew. So, let's cut the craps, i'm gonna update on what i've been up to these days.

Ok first, i'm gonna blog about my 2 weeks of teaching experience in Churton Park School, Johsonville. Waking up so early in the morning for the school, preparing for the lesson, doing the teaching and observation, interacting with associate teacher and fooling around with the kids. I gotta admit, those were pretty cool and such great experiences for me.

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones

the 2 weeks time i had spent with the kids was unforgettable for me. thank you Room 9 students for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your awesome classroom. Room 9 rocks! you guys are FUN FUN FUN. gonna miss all of youuuuu. sobs sobs. And too Maree, my associate teacher, thank youu for everything. your advice, guidance are really useful for my future practices.

auwww, you're soooo sweet Ian <3 thanks too for the memories.

the girls and Me. they are soo pretty <3

Farewell Room 9 students. I just hope you guys do remember me bcause I will never ever forget you guyss <3 <3 <3

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

p/s: i missed my childhood days. at least being a child, i'm free to be who I am. being an adult, i will always take account of what people will say about me. People's opinions have always distracted me from being myself again. sigh. oh sorry. i shouldn't be emo. AHAHA

oh yeah, Winter trip will be updated soon :D not today i guess. So lazyyy :P

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So cheesy. AHAHA

while browsing the older posts of mine. i can't help it but to laugh insanely. lawak okay. the writings and the choice of words were so lame and childish. honestly, i don't have the talent to write creatively. that's me and that's okay. at least. i tried. i tried to journal my thoughts, stupid rants and my life events. for what purpose? because 20 years from now, i'll be reading again the older posts and i know i'll be laughing my ass off reading them. it would be like light entertainment for me in the future :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

kau pergi.

3rd death news i received since I've been in New Zealand.

Atuk Leman passed away yesterday. he has gone to meet his Creator.
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajioon. May Allah rest his soul in peace.

i wish i could be with my mom right at this moment. i feel sad because i couldn't be there when she needed me the most. her beloved father has passed away. i know mama is terribly devastated by this lost. Atuk Leman has left us and i believe he is in a better place. Allah lebih sayangkan atuk Mama.

Dear Mama,

you'll have to be strong. my thoughts and prayer are always with atuk. Moga roh atuk dicucuri rahmat. Moga Allah tempatkan atuk di kalangan orang beriman. Amin. he's a good person. i will never forget Atuk. i've accepted this news positively. i grieved but i didn't let tears to come out. i held myself from crying and sobbing. because i knew, it wouldn't make a difference whether i cried. Atuk has gone forever. nothing i do in this world will ever bring him back. So friends and whoever reads this post, please pray my atuk. Al-Fatihah for him.

Mama kuat tau. i love you.

Atuk Leman, Pak Ngah Norzan, Nenek. May Allah grant you with Jannah. Al-Fatihah for them. friends, i'd like to request you guys to recite Al-Fatihah for them. thanks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

children killing children?

hello blog,

ok honestly, the title creeps me out. huhu.

last Wednesday, during Epsy 343 lecture, the topic was really2 interesting. about youth and crimes. the topic immediately captured my interest. why? because i'm a huge fan of cops procedural shows. haha. shows like CSIs, Criminals Minds are my thing. in the lecture, my lecturer Chris gave a case that happened in 1993, in Liverpool, England. known as the murder of James Bulger. two 10 years old boys who played truancy that day, abducted baby James 2 years old from his mother at a shopping mall and took him for 2 miles walk, battered him to death and left his mutilated body on the rail track. omg. that is wicked. such a heinous act to be committed by such young boys.

that night, when i was online-ing. i youtubed a bit about the murder of James Bulger. found that the killers were just kids from the neighborhood, with innocent look. i just don't understand. how could a child kills other child? i mean they were too young to commit such act. how could they think about hurting other people? where did they get such immoral idea from? from media? computer games perhaps? should we blame the parents? or the teachers? who didn't notice their disturbing behaviors at first. honestly this case is very disturbing. i couldn't forget the image of happy baby James. that poor baby trusted those boys without knowing that was the last day he lived on this earth. sad. this is so sad. i hate this kind of crime. i just don't understand. WHY?

p/s: please please people. get to know your children well. monitor your children behaviors. keep holding their hands. don't let them go. the important is to love your children. don't drag them into your life problems. it's going to be the worst nightmare ever for parents, to wake up the next day, to know that your child has killed other child. and it's all because of your bad upbringings. this is sad. you don't want that right? so please. learn your children well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rugby and Rant.

hello blog,

out of all days in a month, today is the day. Gosh, the pain i have endured this morning, i could not describe through words laa. my stomach is churning, burning and twisting. ouch. T.T

ok let's forget about the stomach part. i slept for 5 hours today. skipped Peter Gu's lecture. had no choice. my stomach hurts so much. i had to lay on my bed. when i woke up, dashed, rushed to the university. had discussion with Kiwi course mates and Mona. felt happy because i have contributed something towards the discussion. they're gonna use my ideas during the seminar presentation. cool aite? *blushing* thanks mates :)

now, feel serabut. July is nearing. that means Winter trip is coming soon. Gonna fly to Dunedin. heard that South Island's scenery is beautiful during winter. at the same time, gonna give our support and cheers for our WMSO athletes during Bersatu Games. Dunedin is the host for this year's Bersatu Games.

okay, why i feel serabut? i'm worrying over the budgets. money money. nak jalan perlukan pulus. sigh. nak menyimpan lagi. nak jalan lagi. letih. BUT. if i don't travel, it would be a waste kan? our gov send us to here for what?? STUDYYYY. err no. TRAVELLING. ahaha. okay. joking :P i wanna be a Billionaire so freaking baaad. buy all of the things i never had . . .

tetiba nyanyi lagu Bruno Mars??

okay then. nuff crapping. i need to do some reading a lil bit then off to sleep. i'm working tomorrow. huh. annoyed with my boss. dia lupa bayar gaji :(

alright, last Friday, went to watch Rugby between Wellington Hurricanes and Auckland Blues. too bad Hurricanes lost. Blue rulez and topping the table. fine. whatever. i still had fun :D

Westpac Stadium. Hoho.

True fan :D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day!

Dear Mama,

i'm 100% sure that you won't be reading this. because you don't have a blog and you don't even know the existent of my blog. ahaha. because i didn't tell you :P

ok let's get straight. i wanna wish you Happy Mother's Day Mama <3

thanks for bringing me into this world,
thanks for teaching me about life,
thanks for raising me up and Insyaallah I'll become a better person. it's all because of your guidance and prayer.
thanks for putting up with me all this while, after all the craps i have pulled over the years, you still forgive me and stay with me,
you're so forgiving mom, though i was kinda misbehaved to you.
thanks for everything.
i don't know what to say anymore. to list out all your sacrifices and what you have done to me, it could be millions.

i'm sorry if i'm not being a good daughter,
i'm sorry if i ever make you cry,
i'm sorry if i ever hurt your feelings,
i'm sorry if i ever not being thankful after what all you did to me,
i'm sorry for not giving you a call so often,
i'm sorry if i have you let you down,
i'm sorry for everything.
I love you bits and pieces Mama.
and i hope you love me too :)

auuwww mama and ayah are such a romantic couple. ayah are you sticking your tongue out? nakal lah ayah nie. ahaha. mama, hugs ketat-ketat, jangan biar ayah lari. hehe. Happy Mama's Day MAMA. love you heaps mama. Always will.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorry Sinchi.

my beloved lil bro,

i'm sorry. i didn't mean to make fun of you. i didn't mean to call you like that. please forgive ayong. it's just joke. you know ayong kan? never be serious. always goofing around. always sakat ayip. hehe. i know you okay. i know you won't turn out like that. i believe in you. my bro is good boy kan? betul tak? baik cakap. hehe.

remember the times when i used to call you atasinchi, budak sinchi. sebab kita suka tengok anime Atasinchi dulu-dulu. i missed those moments. it was pretty funny. how we ended up calling each other sinchi. ahaha. then, ayah would get mad, and asked us to stop calling each other sinchi. haha. ayong still can recall what ayah said "korang nie macam budak-budak". ish, suddenly missing ayah. ayip punya pasal la nie :P

budak sinchi, i know you're reading this. tak payah comment lagi bagus. ahahahaha.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 months to go.

i hate it when time flies so quickly. it's been a year since i came to NZ. feel like so yesterday when my family bid me farewell at the airport. as the day passes by, i feel paranoid. feel like i'm losing. losing something precious. bulan jangan biar siang ): just got back from Paekakariki Holiday Camp yesterday. one word to describe my feelings. i feel blessed. love this camp very much! missing there already. it was a great experience for me. i got to make new friends, ukhuwah, gain useful knowledge, camwhoring. oh yeah, i hate it when people use sarcasm to make fun of other people. especially in the public. hello, do respect people. tak baik jatuhkan air muka orang. jangan pandai menyindir orang kalau diri sendiri pun 2x5. sigh. jiwa tengah kacau nie, i have 2 big assignments due next week. my life's been invading by assignments, tests. crap. i'm losing grip. the previous assignment didn't do me good. dimana silap nya? i don't know. i can foresee continuous sleepless nights next week. huhu. die die. berusaha Tina. you can do it girl! p/s: credits to Att for the nice shot.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I will be away again.

hey hey,

Easter break still got one week left. So tomorrow, will be away again, to go camping in Kapiti. it's organized by kakak2 Usrah. i feel so excited to go:) i will be there for 3 days and 2 nights. hopefully from this camping experience, i will gain something useful. pengisian dan ukhuwah. who doesn't want that? :) plus, i got to enjoy the nature as well. there'll be two groups. i'm in group 2 that will present about tokoh dan srikandi Islam Rabiatul Adawiyah. can't wait to see what will our group be presenting during the last day of the camp. okey dookie, gotta resume packing.

cheerios peeps :D

p/s: ayip, i know you're reading this. stalker! AHAHA. mama ayah sihat kah? awat lama tak call ayong. tell them, ayong merajuk lah cam nie.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marry me, Mr. Mars.

Mr. Bruno Mars,
when i hear your voice,
the whole world stops and stares for a while,
coz you're amazing,
just the way you are.

Bruno Mars' concert at Vector Arena, Auckland was awesome. the crowd was crazyy i tell you. everyone was singing and cheering. me as well. it was a great concert i reckon. totally it's worth to gooo :) :) Bruno Mars made us scream like crazy with his coolness, dance skills and angelic voice. the way he played the guitar was really cool too. He's not handsome ahaha. But his dimple, his sweetness, his smile are soo ohhh la la. mesmerizing. all his hits songs were out. my fav were Grenade, Marry you, Nothing on you. it's sad that he missed Talking to the moon. i love that song! the crowd went crazy again when Bruno sung his super famous catchy song Just the way you are. OMG. his voice is sooo beautiful. i was melting from afar. Ahaha. my biggest disappointment is at times i couldn't really hear Bruno's singing because of the loud CROWD. Grrr. they sang like a suck choir. Boo! and i wanna hit the groups in front of me because they were blocking me from seeing my Mr. Mars. Grrr. jakun punya orang. duduk elok-elok boleh tak? okay pics!

the place where Mr. Mars was performing.

Vector Arena from inside.

us :D

well, i'm not going to upload my video version due to a very bad quality. helloo, i was like standing 20 metres err i think so from Mr. Mars. wuwuwu. So, i'll just share a video from youtube which has a really good quality. i mean this guy who recorded this was standing from the very front row. whoa, feel so jealous with this guy. this video is clear enough that i get to see his dimple. ahaha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

eh dah Easter?

Hello world,

Happy Easter Break! let's make use this 2 weeks break to the fullest kay. away to Auckland for a couple of days. sigh. this is the 4th time I've been to Auckie T.T

for the sake of Bruno Mars, pi je laaa. ahaha. pi naik scenic train. balik naik flight. moga selamat pergi dan balik. Amin.

Asean Night Market was awesome today. i just can't keep my eyes off them. Bahtera Budaya rocks! i feel special and unique to be Malaysian :) :) it's such a regret i didn't participate in this year's Bahtera. wuwuwuwu. time constraint and assignments bla bla bla :(
never mind, i got the chance last year :) anyway, good jobs guys for bringing out a great show! wehooo. like sangat2. hehe

alright then, gonna resume packing. Night people. cheerios!

Monday, April 11, 2011

there's always a sunshine behind every storm

Disapointments always come and greet me,
and how i face them?
I sigh, I cry, I blame and I scream in my head,
sayings like "my life sucks" and "I hate my life"
play continuously in my head.
after some time,
I do realize,
Disapointments are nothing.
don't go and fret over it.
because God has a better plan for me.
I just need to be patient.
God is great. bear in mind Tina.

"Know only with the remembrance of Allah, hearts will find satisfaction"
(Surah Ar-Ra'd 13:28)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan.

i got nothing to say.

but my heart goes out to those who have been affected by this horrendous disaster. Be strong people.

3rd year degree is driving me nuts o.o hoping i could make it to the end. berusaha!

yours truly,
Tina <3

Saturday, March 5, 2011

welcome 3rd year degree.

hello world,

my oh my. i still can't believe trimester 1 has started. crap, i'm busy with classes. sobs. managed to change subject. bye bye ENG 117. hello EPSY 341. Many have asked me. why changed? well, i have my own reasons for that.

I've attended the lectures for ENG 117 (how to read stories) for this week. but i'm having difficulty to understand all lectures so far. actually, i don't understand a thing. it's just so hard. sobs. I found out also that i'm the only Malay (Asian) for this subject. last year, there was 2 streams offered. one for native speakers and another for Malaysian B. Ed Tesol. but this year only one stream being offered. unfortunately i'm in native speakers stream. i'm so worried that i won't make it. so that's why i withdrew.

I've decided to change to EPSY 341 Classroom Studies. i think I might do well with this subject. Insyaallah. because during first year degree we learned Classroom Management subject with Mr. Basil Surin. So, i already have the basic knowledge about classroom studies i guess. solid reasons i guess. haha. so final subjects for trimester 1 are:

ALIN 301 Approaches to Grammar
EPSY 341 Classroom Studies
EPSY 343 Youth & Life Challenges

wish me luck guys. oh yeah, in just a week time, Wellington was hit with earthquake twice. that's hella scary. gosh. i pray to Allah that no harm will befall Welly and its people. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.

another thing. i lost a job because of my timetable. i'm heart broken seriously. sometimes, luck isn't always at my side. maybe there is a reason. takda rezeki. rezeki orang lain agaknya. it's fine. rezeki manusia lain-lain kan. bersabarlah wahai hati.

hurm, i have a trivia question for you guys to ponder.

what would you feel, if the person you're living with badmouthing/making fun about you especially when i don't know. sleeping maybe?

if i were in that situation, i cried. i cried in sleep. LOL . okaaaay that's all i think. it's a long post. i know. sorry :P


Monday, February 21, 2011

tick tock on the clock.

hello earthlings :D

one week left before the trimester starts. oh crap. i just feel that i'm not ready for the school. the truth is, i'm quite rusty :P my bad my bad. siapa suruh tak membaca bila free time? nie tak, asyik movies-marathon je. huhu.

man, it's effing hot nowadays. me and sun can never be best friends. i'm sun phobic seriously. and i really wish for summer to end soon. DAMN HOT. i just don't understand why people keep saying summer is happiness. for me summer is like 'you get freak out whenever you are in front of a mirror because you're getting darker and badly sunburn'. LOL

haha. totally ignore it. i'm just crapping. well, some of my friends are now back in Welly. chewaah, orang baru balik dari Malaysia katakan laa. grrr, i envy them so much. ohh damn. now i feel homesick. again. mom, dad. i wanna go home +_+
okay patience Tina. it's just a matter of time now. another 9 months to go okay. just calm down and breathe. phew.

at the city today, i've encountered with a lot of Malaysians a.k.a the juniors. haha. i just felt it really funny. it didn't feel like oversea anymore. well beware, Wellingtonians. it's Malaysian invasion. run for your lives :P

i'm such in a good mood today. am i? pelik kan? haha. it's funny because the previous post i was like broken. perhaps, cookies and cream chill from Gloria Jeans i had this evening has somehow brighten my day today. and the cool companions also. thanks guys.

alright, i'm out!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my heart. please stop aching

dear diary.

my heart is in so much pain.

i don't know why? i feel terribly homesick right at this moment. if i could be given just a day to be with my family. i'd be really glad and thankful. i need that. i need a support. because it seems that my life is falling apart. i'm losing grip. the current me is i'm standing on a line between letting go and how much more i can take.

when i performed prayer just now. somehow, i had tears in my eyes. i was praying to God with tears in my eyes. gosh, i miss them so much. i feel so very alone. i have so many people around me. but why do i feel unhappy? why do i feel empty? i worry so much. even a tiny little thing. i freak out. this is a test for me. Allah is testing me. i should not lose faith. please Tina. don't lose hope. Ya Allah, please set my heart free from sadness and emptiness. And please help me forget the things that worry me so much. i can't breath for it weighs heavy in my heart. like i could stop breathing anytime.

i'm so sick of putting fake smile on my face everytime. i'm tired of pretending to be happy go lucky whereas am not. why am i not like the others? why is it always me? why am i different. funny. i asked a lot. but i never get any answers. life is a riddle. sometimes, you just can't figure it out.

i missed the good old days. i miss to have them around me. i wish there's someone who could give me a little hug at this moment. a lil hug is enough to nurse my aching heart. a friend maybe?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Summer Sunshine.

kiora and hye people!

oh my gosh. my blog is dying. sorry for the lack updates. i'm busy. plus, there isn't much to share here. so today, i'm gonna share the details of what's happening in my life for the past few weeks kay?

alhamdulillah. i have 3 jobs ongoing. yup that's true. Allah is the best provider. all you have to do is work hard and have a bit of patience. rezeki manusia kan lain-lain. Allah knows best.

we moved out again. damn. hate it. it's a complicated process y'know. we moved in to our new house at 57/3E Boulcott Street, Lambton, Wellington. our new house is just nice for 3 tenants. comfy and spacious. hoyeah, this year we live in the city centre. cool huh? unfortunately, our house is quite far from the university. well, does not matter i guess. bus kan ade? stairs pun ade. hehe.

there are some pros and cons about living in the city. first, there's a huge tendency to shop when your house is just a few blocks away from Cotton On, Gloria Jeans, Jay Jay, New World. i'm doomed. because i know, i could't resist them away. especially, cookies and cream chill from Gloria Jeans. i'm addicted to it XD

Second, i'm going to visit university rarely. because it's far okay. i have this disease. lazyness. huhu. uni's library which used to be my favourite place and my best companion now it's going to be less visited from now on. nah, i don't like this. whatever happens, i'm gonna make library the most visited place than others. have heard of this saying before? "berkawan dengan ilmu, bercinta dengan buku". Insyaallah. go Tina!

another thing about living far from the uni, i might not be able to attend all the event or activities related to B.Ed Tesol. this is a disadvantage to me. ohh man. i don't want to be kera sumbang. no matter happens, i got to find the will to be present in all events organized by university. bukit pun bukit la. akan ku daki. Go Tina!

i hope this year has a lot to offer. living in the city might be both advantage and disadvantage. but i'm gonna fix it right. i can do this. i must find the will. Go Tina!

ohh by the way, welcome Juniors! i hope you guys are having a good time here. windy Welly kan? so great to see you guys. muka-muka excited and full of passion. well, i'm sure you guys will be just fine. all the best, study smart and enjoy the life as New Zealander kay?

notes to self: manusia akan sentiasa berasa tidak puas hati dan mencari silap orang lain. tapi mereka lupa, mereka pun silap. how to deal? just have a bit of patience and say sorry if you're wrong. then the life goes on.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Been there. Done that.

the trip to North Island is considered memorable for me. because i had a lot of fun there. i had spent big money doing several activities that i would never forget for the rest of my life. money does not matter to me. what matter is, the experiences. they are so precious to me. well, check them out :)

water-rafting at Kaituna River, Rotorua. hampir lemas dan sangat kenyang terminum air sungai. haha. ohh yeah, jerit kuat gila time kat waterfall nie. we're going down!

sempat lagi posing. haha.

horse riding at Kawerau. drizzling at that time. introducing Annie. she's gorgeous right?

kedekut kedekut. kami merentasi sungai. menarik kan?

sky-diving at Whangarei. 12,000 feet dari paras laut. damn. what the hell i was thinking? this is suicide for god sake!

nay. i already did bungee okay. this is only sky-diving. it's nothing. i'm not scared. jumped from the plane and i was flying. the feeling was so carefree and it was hell awesome! i did it man. fear isn't a part of me anymore. I'm so cool. *wink*

i did it. when is your turn people? come on. are you chicken? this is a lifetime chance. trust me. you won't regret it :P

Saturday, February 5, 2011

trip to the North. Jan 2011.

so, i guess this is it. i'm gonna update on my trip to North Island a few weeks ago. there were 9 of us. to tell the truth, a week wasn't enough for us. North island tersangat laa besar okay. gila tak sempat nak pergi semua tempat within a week. yang paling best, singgah di Auckland, pekena Dunkin Donuts. haha. it's been a year kot, tak merasa Dunkin Donuts. puas hati aku dapat makan. huhu. okay jangan gelak. kat Welly takda Dunkin Donuts. LOL. though time was short, we did manage to visit the popular tourist attractions in North Island. along the way, there's not a word to describe the beauty of North Island. Cape Reinga especially. i still recall when we were about to leave Cape Reinga. i said to them that i don't want to leave this place that i want to stay here. This is place is so dreamy. And they replied, tak nak balik sudah. hang tinggal sini. haha. i just wanna say that i'm thankful to be sent studying in here. so glad to be given the chance to view all this. God's creations. Subhanallah.

okay dokey enough babbling.. let the pictures do the talking kay?

Keri-Keri Stone House. it is said that this is the oldest bulding in New Zealand.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom

90 Mile Beach

Cape Reinga. this place is heaven.

Sand Dunes. yang paling best, camera rosak sebab pasir masuk lens. sobsss.

we came back safely. ocean of thanks to drivers (the boys). it was a nice trip. we did some awesome activities during the trip too. horse-riding, water-rafting and sky-diving will be posted later. hehe.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Patience is a virtue.

tidak ada yang lagi besar di dalam dunia ini selain dari bersabar. i just need to have a bit of patience inside me. sooner or later Allah will answer my prayer. Allah itu kan Maha Pemurah. things that i pray for, maybe i don't really need them. Maybe Allah has got some better plans for me. Allah knows best. i just need to continue to have faith in Him.

things aren't going really well for me. okay. sila muhasabah diri Tina. what have i done? have i forgotten something? maybe i'm slacking here and there. maybe i did something sinful. it's time to change Tina. change for the better.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the ugly truth.

while browsing through my Ipod playlist, i realize that i have a lot of Avril songs. what da heck kan? i mean after Lady Gaga, do people still listen to Avril songs? i don't know. sigh.

looking back at the past. i couldn't believe i was really into Avril. i memorized all her songs. i bought all her CDs. yada yada.

i remember those days. i was young, stubborn, loud, angry, rebellious and i grew up listening to her songs. on the opposite, i was pictured by people as a 'good' kid. where as in the inside, i was burning with rage, i was yelling, i was so sick feeling worthless all the time. to tell the truth, i was going through a hard time during my teenage years. everything was a mess. i was so fucked up. i was angry all the time. high school was suck. so much of friendship. mostly, i was mad at my parents. everything i did was so wrong to them. most of Avril songs described a lot of what i had been going through in life as a teenager. so that's why Avril songs were my lullaby those days. i know this is kinda embarrassing, i still listen to her old songs whenever i feel bored. goodness, i'm 21 years old now :P

am i a bit old to listen to her songs? she's like a teen Idol. my teenage years have gone long ago. i'm a young adult now. blaaahh. seriously, her songs are haunted. i just keep humming to her songs. eventho i'm 21 now. haha. yeah, call me lame. laugh at me. i don't care. this is me. at the end of the day, it's still going to be me. deal with it :P

to think that i was so fucked up those days, i hated my high school days. deep down inside my heart, i kinda missed the good old days. i miss THEM. if i was given a chance to turn back time, i wanna be a teenager once again and live my life to the fullest. but i can't. past is past. i have to keep moving on. let go of yesterdays.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

this is my world.

     Worked for 3 hours today. tired like hell. after work, walked back home. felt thirsty. on the way, stopped at Gloria Jeans. bought cookies and cream chill. put my earphones in. volume up. put my Ipod on replay to the same song. 'Just a dream'. sipped my drink. continued walking. ignore the world. the world around me seemed so still. people on the street didn't give me a damn. didn't even look at me. and i realized it was the coolest feeling ever. me and my world. my Ipod is my world. yeah i know. this is crap :P

 p/s: i need a blogging mojo. sigh.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

just a dream.

i was thinking about YOU, thinking about ME, thinking about US,
what we gonna be?
open my eyes,

it was only just a DREAM.

boy oh boy. i've been listening to this song for almost 100 times since yesterday. kinda hooked to this song. i don't really like the original version by Nelly. i like Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie duet even more. i just in love with their voice. i know. i sound so lame. this song has been out for ages. sigh. told ya. i don't really up to date with the latest music now and then :P

i listened to this song once before but i wasn't really interested with it. then, my housemate Lily introduced to me this song again a few nights ago. SNAP! suddenly i just i love this song. tehehe.

Monday, January 24, 2011

i'm home.

psssst. i'm back guys. safely arrived. alhamdulillah. thanks guys for the wonderful trip. sigh. so much to share. but, i'm tired tonight. will update about the my trip real soon okay? hehe.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

yeay! jalan-jalan lagi.



i'm so excited plus nervous. can't wait for the road trip tomorrow night. will be departing from Wellington at midnight and proceed straight to Rotorua. will be touring around North Island for a week with housemates and few Ipsah friends. oh well, a lot of housekeeping need to be done i guess. packing especially. ohh yeah, here's our road trip route.

Wellington-Rotorua-Auckland-Paihia-Kaitaia-Cape Reinga-Hamilton-New Plymouth-Wellington

all i could hope is that Allah will bless our journey. May everything goes well and the most important thing is that we all will have fun together. Bye Wellington. don't miss me kay? tehehe.

i smell adventure and damn it! i want in.

you don't have to travel world wide you know. we have everything here in New Zealand. you want Europe? we have Europe-like places in New Zealand. no kidding kay. cheers people!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer is happiness.

hello beautiful people,

it's been a while since i last blogged. anyhoo, i'd like to update on what happened last Sunday. so, we went for a picnic at Kaitoke Regional Park, Upperhutt. ocean of thanks to the organizers, kakak-kakak senior yang baik hati. it's my 2nd time i've been to Upperhutt. the last time, i went there for school-based teaching experience. about half an hour of driving, we finally reached there.
well, camwhore is a must. lucky that Att brought her DSLR. we set up and everything and several of us decided to play and swim in the river. me? NO-NO. the water was freezing cold. brrrrr.
why does every pic that i took in NZ must have ducks as the background?
the group photo. it was fun and satisfying day i reckon. got to spend some time with kakak-kakak senior tersayang, delicious lunch, had cool chit-chat with them. thanks again all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

what's your resolution people?

as for mine. i don't have a fixed resolutions. but i have few. here the list goes:

  1. i just hope i will see 2012. i hope to be blessed with good health. Insyallah.
  2. i want to study harder. no more fooling around. time to get real serious.
  3. i want to improve more on my language proficiency.
  4. i want to instill good habits inside ME and to get rid of the unproductive habits.
  5. i hope to blessed with wonderful and good people around ME and promise myself i will not take them for granted.
  6. i want to appreciate every single thing that happens to me throughout this year.
  7. i want to find ways that can make me happy and be at peace. i hate being emo all the time. it's cheesy you know.
  8. i want to search for HIM. to get closer to HIM. i hated myself for walking further from HIM.
  9. i want to keep in touch with my family. calling mom and dad more often and FB-ing with my brothers everyday.
  10. i want to save some money for the future and traveling purpose. i don't want to waste money on unimportant stuff anymore.

hurm. that's all i guess? i could list out like a million. yet, these are the most important things that i want to achieve this year. you can do this Tina. Aja!

cheers people!
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