Saturday, March 5, 2011

welcome 3rd year degree.

hello world,

my oh my. i still can't believe trimester 1 has started. crap, i'm busy with classes. sobs. managed to change subject. bye bye ENG 117. hello EPSY 341. Many have asked me. why changed? well, i have my own reasons for that.

I've attended the lectures for ENG 117 (how to read stories) for this week. but i'm having difficulty to understand all lectures so far. actually, i don't understand a thing. it's just so hard. sobs. I found out also that i'm the only Malay (Asian) for this subject. last year, there was 2 streams offered. one for native speakers and another for Malaysian B. Ed Tesol. but this year only one stream being offered. unfortunately i'm in native speakers stream. i'm so worried that i won't make it. so that's why i withdrew.

I've decided to change to EPSY 341 Classroom Studies. i think I might do well with this subject. Insyaallah. because during first year degree we learned Classroom Management subject with Mr. Basil Surin. So, i already have the basic knowledge about classroom studies i guess. solid reasons i guess. haha. so final subjects for trimester 1 are:

ALIN 301 Approaches to Grammar
EPSY 341 Classroom Studies
EPSY 343 Youth & Life Challenges

wish me luck guys. oh yeah, in just a week time, Wellington was hit with earthquake twice. that's hella scary. gosh. i pray to Allah that no harm will befall Welly and its people. Amin ya Rabbal alamin.

another thing. i lost a job because of my timetable. i'm heart broken seriously. sometimes, luck isn't always at my side. maybe there is a reason. takda rezeki. rezeki orang lain agaknya. it's fine. rezeki manusia lain-lain kan. bersabarlah wahai hati.

hurm, i have a trivia question for you guys to ponder.

what would you feel, if the person you're living with badmouthing/making fun about you especially when i don't know. sleeping maybe?

if i were in that situation, i cried. i cried in sleep. LOL . okaaaay that's all i think. it's a long post. i know. sorry :P


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