Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sorry Sinchi.

my beloved lil bro,

i'm sorry. i didn't mean to make fun of you. i didn't mean to call you like that. please forgive ayong. it's just joke. you know ayong kan? never be serious. always goofing around. always sakat ayip. hehe. i know you okay. i know you won't turn out like that. i believe in you. my bro is good boy kan? betul tak? baik cakap. hehe.

remember the times when i used to call you atasinchi, budak sinchi. sebab kita suka tengok anime Atasinchi dulu-dulu. i missed those moments. it was pretty funny. how we ended up calling each other sinchi. ahaha. then, ayah would get mad, and asked us to stop calling each other sinchi. haha. ayong still can recall what ayah said "korang nie macam budak-budak". ish, suddenly missing ayah. ayip punya pasal la nie :P

budak sinchi, i know you're reading this. tak payah comment lagi bagus. ahahahaha.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 months to go.

i hate it when time flies so quickly. it's been a year since i came to NZ. feel like so yesterday when my family bid me farewell at the airport. as the day passes by, i feel paranoid. feel like i'm losing. losing something precious. bulan jangan biar siang ): just got back from Paekakariki Holiday Camp yesterday. one word to describe my feelings. i feel blessed. love this camp very much! missing there already. it was a great experience for me. i got to make new friends, ukhuwah, gain useful knowledge, camwhoring. oh yeah, i hate it when people use sarcasm to make fun of other people. especially in the public. hello, do respect people. tak baik jatuhkan air muka orang. jangan pandai menyindir orang kalau diri sendiri pun 2x5. sigh. jiwa tengah kacau nie, i have 2 big assignments due next week. my life's been invading by assignments, tests. crap. i'm losing grip. the previous assignment didn't do me good. dimana silap nya? i don't know. i can foresee continuous sleepless nights next week. huhu. die die. berusaha Tina. you can do it girl! p/s: credits to Att for the nice shot.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I will be away again.

hey hey,

Easter break still got one week left. So tomorrow, will be away again, to go camping in Kapiti. it's organized by kakak2 Usrah. i feel so excited to go:) i will be there for 3 days and 2 nights. hopefully from this camping experience, i will gain something useful. pengisian dan ukhuwah. who doesn't want that? :) plus, i got to enjoy the nature as well. there'll be two groups. i'm in group 2 that will present about tokoh dan srikandi Islam Rabiatul Adawiyah. can't wait to see what will our group be presenting during the last day of the camp. okey dookie, gotta resume packing.

cheerios peeps :D

p/s: ayip, i know you're reading this. stalker! AHAHA. mama ayah sihat kah? awat lama tak call ayong. tell them, ayong merajuk lah cam nie.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marry me, Mr. Mars.

Mr. Bruno Mars,
when i hear your voice,
the whole world stops and stares for a while,
coz you're amazing,
just the way you are.

Bruno Mars' concert at Vector Arena, Auckland was awesome. the crowd was crazyy i tell you. everyone was singing and cheering. me as well. it was a great concert i reckon. totally it's worth to gooo :) :) Bruno Mars made us scream like crazy with his coolness, dance skills and angelic voice. the way he played the guitar was really cool too. He's not handsome ahaha. But his dimple, his sweetness, his smile are soo ohhh la la. mesmerizing. all his hits songs were out. my fav were Grenade, Marry you, Nothing on you. it's sad that he missed Talking to the moon. i love that song! the crowd went crazy again when Bruno sung his super famous catchy song Just the way you are. OMG. his voice is sooo beautiful. i was melting from afar. Ahaha. my biggest disappointment is at times i couldn't really hear Bruno's singing because of the loud CROWD. Grrr. they sang like a suck choir. Boo! and i wanna hit the groups in front of me because they were blocking me from seeing my Mr. Mars. Grrr. jakun punya orang. duduk elok-elok boleh tak? okay pics!

the place where Mr. Mars was performing.

Vector Arena from inside.

us :D

well, i'm not going to upload my video version due to a very bad quality. helloo, i was like standing 20 metres err i think so from Mr. Mars. wuwuwu. So, i'll just share a video from youtube which has a really good quality. i mean this guy who recorded this was standing from the very front row. whoa, feel so jealous with this guy. this video is clear enough that i get to see his dimple. ahaha

Saturday, April 16, 2011

eh dah Easter?

Hello world,

Happy Easter Break! let's make use this 2 weeks break to the fullest kay. away to Auckland for a couple of days. sigh. this is the 4th time I've been to Auckie T.T

for the sake of Bruno Mars, pi je laaa. ahaha. pi naik scenic train. balik naik flight. moga selamat pergi dan balik. Amin.

Asean Night Market was awesome today. i just can't keep my eyes off them. Bahtera Budaya rocks! i feel special and unique to be Malaysian :) :) it's such a regret i didn't participate in this year's Bahtera. wuwuwuwu. time constraint and assignments bla bla bla :(
never mind, i got the chance last year :) anyway, good jobs guys for bringing out a great show! wehooo. like sangat2. hehe

alright then, gonna resume packing. Night people. cheerios!

Monday, April 11, 2011

there's always a sunshine behind every storm

Disapointments always come and greet me,
and how i face them?
I sigh, I cry, I blame and I scream in my head,
sayings like "my life sucks" and "I hate my life"
play continuously in my head.
after some time,
I do realize,
Disapointments are nothing.
don't go and fret over it.
because God has a better plan for me.
I just need to be patient.
God is great. bear in mind Tina.

"Know only with the remembrance of Allah, hearts will find satisfaction"
(Surah Ar-Ra'd 13:28)

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