Monday, January 9, 2012

heyya, i'm back.

ohhh my poor blog. i haven't updated for months. lazy me. sighh.  i'm so sorry guys. honestly, i think I've lost my blogging MOJO!! alright, just wanna update what I've been up to these past months.

  1. Completed my 2 years study in Victoria University of Wellington. gosh, i'm so gonna miss Welly!!
  2. Back in Malaysia and spent time with my family that i haven't met for 2 years. i missed them like crazy.
  3. Been on trips to London and Paris. i seriously in love with London. Paris is not so much. it's just not safe to be in Paris. hmm
  4. Back in Ipsah to complete my 4rd year Degree. please please 4rd year be nice to me. huhu
  5. Got a new roomie. very nice and friendly senior. though, i did miss my ex-roomie :P
  6. Tied to ridiculous rules of IPSAH. *nak keluar makan pun mau tulis nama kah?
  7. I've lost some weight since i got back from New Zealand. but since i got back to IPSAH  which 2 weeks ago, my large appetite is freaking me out. ohh no-no. i seriously need to maintain my ideal weight. no nasi okay Tina?
  8. I'm looking forward to cuti RAYA CINA. i wanna go homee. seriously, i feel really homesick. 
that's all for now. not sure if i could update this blog regularly in the future, like i said, i've lost my blogging mojo. ciao!

Stonehenge, United Kingdom.
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