Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Summer is happiness.

hello beautiful people,

it's been a while since i last blogged. anyhoo, i'd like to update on what happened last Sunday. so, we went for a picnic at Kaitoke Regional Park, Upperhutt. ocean of thanks to the organizers, kakak-kakak senior yang baik hati. it's my 2nd time i've been to Upperhutt. the last time, i went there for school-based teaching experience. about half an hour of driving, we finally reached there.
well, camwhore is a must. lucky that Att brought her DSLR. we set up and everything and several of us decided to play and swim in the river. me? NO-NO. the water was freezing cold. brrrrr.
why does every pic that i took in NZ must have ducks as the background?
the group photo. it was fun and satisfying day i reckon. got to spend some time with kakak-kakak senior tersayang, delicious lunch, had cool chit-chat with them. thanks again all.


mizzshaina said...

im glad u enjoyed it! =))

QisTina said...

kak Sara: i had fun :)

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