Thursday, January 27, 2011

this is my world.

     Worked for 3 hours today. tired like hell. after work, walked back home. felt thirsty. on the way, stopped at Gloria Jeans. bought cookies and cream chill. put my earphones in. volume up. put my Ipod on replay to the same song. 'Just a dream'. sipped my drink. continued walking. ignore the world. the world around me seemed so still. people on the street didn't give me a damn. didn't even look at me. and i realized it was the coolest feeling ever. me and my world. my Ipod is my world. yeah i know. this is crap :P

 p/s: i need a blogging mojo. sigh.


mamma mia! said...

promote ke ape ni haha

QisTina said...

kema: mane de promote. wahahah

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