Saturday, January 15, 2011

yeay! jalan-jalan lagi.



i'm so excited plus nervous. can't wait for the road trip tomorrow night. will be departing from Wellington at midnight and proceed straight to Rotorua. will be touring around North Island for a week with housemates and few Ipsah friends. oh well, a lot of housekeeping need to be done i guess. packing especially. ohh yeah, here's our road trip route.

Wellington-Rotorua-Auckland-Paihia-Kaitaia-Cape Reinga-Hamilton-New Plymouth-Wellington

all i could hope is that Allah will bless our journey. May everything goes well and the most important thing is that we all will have fun together. Bye Wellington. don't miss me kay? tehehe.

i smell adventure and damn it! i want in.

you don't have to travel world wide you know. we have everything here in New Zealand. you want Europe? we have Europe-like places in New Zealand. no kidding kay. cheers people!


mizzshaina said...

take care Tina!
jangan suke2 sgt sampai lupe Allah okay ^_-

semoga selamat lah pergi dan pulang

QisTina said...

thanks Kak Sara!
okay Tina ingat pesan mu.

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