Tuesday, June 26, 2012

am i ready?

am i confident enough?

am i wise enough?

am i prepared enough?

i can only give the same answer to every question . which is NO.
OMG OMG practicum is next week. i'm gonna die. help me Lord. i'm freaking scared. i'm totally shaking. these negative feelings have been boiling up inside me that i feel i could explode at anytime. huwaaa. i'm so nervous like hell. chill chill.

alright this quotation really helps to ease my pain a little. by remembering Allah, everything will be fine. Insyaallah. Qistina Fahimi. you can do this. fighting! this might be my last post at the time being. i don't know. i don't feel like blogging anymore. currently, i've been busy tumblring, tweeting and stalking Zayn Malik. oopps.  tumblr is so much fun ya know. with all those beautiful, animation gifs and images, i just can't resist tumblr. RIP blogspot. heh. that's all for now. 

till then, cheerio.

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