Tuesday, October 20, 2009

baby it's raining..

wahh it's raining outside.
i love it..(this is the time where i usually take a nap)
oh yeah. i think i won't upload the pics about the trip to Perlis in here. so lazy lorh.
too many to upload. plus internet connection here so damn slow and frustrating. i think you guys better check out the pics in my fb. ok?

ok..exam is in two weeks time. gosh, i have to double my effort and revision.
really have to struggle this time. huhu.. ya Allah. terangkan lah hatiku. aminn.

seriously. cuak dowh nak exam!!
mama, ayah!! ayong takot..huhu..



suraya said...

gud luck tina.same goes to ecah n zati ye..kemsalam kat sume~ :)

[z@ck] said...

makin sikit exam..makin tinggi tahap kecuakan..

bley pakai x hipotesis ni..??

QisTina said...

kak su: thanks..ok2..nanti kem slm dorang sume.

zack: hmm..tina rase hipotesis tue boleh diaplikasikan.hehehe..

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