Tuesday, May 11, 2010

he's taken. daaaa.

a convo that i had with an EPP student, Ma Yong from China.

Me: Ma Yong, tell me about your high school memories?

Ma Yong: Ohh, during high school years, once, there was an exam. and i cheated in the exam. i passed a piece of paper with answers to the girl behind me. the teacher caught us. and she tore the paper apart. and both of us were punished by that teacher. that girl is my current girlfriend. *smile*

Me: Auuuuuuwwww, so sweet. so romantic.

murmuring to myself: I feel like i've heard this kind of story from somewhere. i think from Korean/Japanese dramas. oooppss.

deep down in my heart: Oh crap. he's takeeen!! there goes my chance to flirt with him. haha.

Another convo that i had with Ma Yong,

Ma Yong: i heard your PM. he has a Chinese lover. and he was angry with her. and he 'boom' her.

Me: Errr..ohhh that's just a gossip. a rumour. don't believe it please. our PM is such a great man. *serious face*

Ma Yong: Maybe it's true.

Me: No. i don't think so. Let's change the topic please. Politics is dirtyyy. *smile*

omggg..he knows Najib. like what da heck?? huhu..i was so speechless.

p/s: i didn't cry today. that's good. i realized crying will not bring the dead to alive. i have to move on. i have to. for the sake of my parents and friends. Ya Allah, berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk meneruskan hidup ini. Jauhkanlah aku dari kesedihan. Amin.




chris_lim said...

Haha ure so honest. But dun give up so fast, who says he's taken if he has a gf hehehe;)

Wow he knows about our PM scandal. Even i didn't hear about it before till i read it here =.=

[z@ck] said...

lawak2...PM boom her???

habis la...dirty politics had been revealed..

Anonymous said...

mesti die seorg yg sgt curious..n leh ckp maybe it's true.
ala taken ke tina? spare lain de lg okeh:P heehe

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

QisTina said...

haha..thanks guyss

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