Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm not a vampire

The issue regarding Taman Medan 'cross' protest is somewhat sickening. Where is the respect for other religion?

If you have strong faith and believe Islam is a true religion, I'm sure that you wouldn't be affected so easily just by seeing a 'cross' in your daily life. I'd like to share something, I used to study in Wellington. Of course it's a non muslim country. I have not heard of azan for two freaking years. Besides, I have entered churches and cathedrals all over the New Zealand during backpacking. My apartment that I used to stay was just a few blocks away from a church and I could hear the church bells ringing every single day. Did it affect my faith? No. Did it stop me from praying 5 times a day? No. Your faith in the religion is the most matter. Actually the 'cross' ain't a problem. The most worrying thing is that Malaysia still has such community that is so self-centred, ignorant, insensitive and of course the level of stupidity is too damn high. Come on. Malaysians you're better than this. Time to change. If you want respect, give respect. Simple.

p/s: Only vampires are scared of the cross. 

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