Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cafe hunting in Seoul.

If you've been following me on instagram, i am sure you'll know that I'm a coffee addict. For me happiness is coffee. I love coffee so much. I love to spend my time and chill in a coffee shops or cafes and enjoy all kinds of coffees and snacks. I have always seen a lot of coffee shop scenes in Korean dramas and I have always fascinated by them.  For me, drinking coffee is the simple and little thing in life that i should treasure . One of the little things I always love to enjoy. The aroma of the coffee shops has always fascinated me. Well, it won't solve world or life problems for you but it's really nice to have a cup of coffee everyday.

My ELTDP mentor, Paul Hughes once said to me during our get together in school, "Tina you should go visit South Korea since you love coffee so much" and TADAAAAAAA hey Paul i was here in Seoul. There are so many goods cafes in Seoul and there are a lot more I haven't visited. Here are some of the coffee shops I've visited during my trip to Seoul.

1. Angel-in-us Coffee in Hongdae

2. Hollys Coffee in Myeongdong
3. Ycat Cafe in Hongdae
Hey human, can i have a cup of coffee juseyooo

4. Cafe Bene in Hongdae
5. Tom N Toms Coffee in Cheonggyecheon
6. You are here Cafe in Hongdae
So this cafe is owned by the famous eat your kimchi bloggers Simon and Martina. I was here because my friend back in Malaysia asked me to check out these books for her. I even bought them for her. So Kema, if you're reading this, thank you for introducing me to this cafe. I got to try their coffee because of you *wink

7. Coffenie Cafe in Hongdae
 I visited this cafe twice because it's really near to my guest house. Since it was December, all coffee shops here in Seoul were decorated with Christmas trees and colourful ornaments. 

8.Beans Bins Cafe in Garosugil, Sinsadong
Enjoyed my cup of chocolate mint at one of the famous street in Seoul.

9. Cube Studio Cafe in Apgujong Rodeo
If you're a kpop fan, this cafe is a must to go. One of the top hallyu attractions. Owned by the Cube Entertatainment. Does this name ring a bell to you? Well, it's home to Beast, 4Minute, BTOB, CLC and so on. I heard the Beast members would come down to this cafe at weekend nights to chill. You might encounter them if you're lucky star. So, i tried the sweet potato latte. It's really interesting that most coffee shops in Seoul offer special latte made from sweet potato. It's fragrant and sweet. Not bad.

10. Starbucks
Things to do while travelling: Try Starbucks in every country and collect the tumblers.

Like the saying goes, you can't buy happiness but you can buy coffee. That's pretty close!
Well, that's all for my cafe hunting in Seoul. I will come back to Seoul again, I promise!

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Chinh Duc said...

Cafe And Seoul. 2 thing I really like. Hope someday i could have a chance to travel here and enjoy this. Tks for making this articles.

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