Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it's not the end.


okay, just came back from Att's birthday celebration. it was fun and fattening!! well, makan lewat malam sangat :P ohh yeah, Happy Birthday Att! Have a blast kay? Wishing you a future blessed with peace, love and happiness. May Allah bless our friendship ♥ ♥

already sleepy but my fingers still keep typing. wth? haishh. today was a lil long. things happened both bad and good. for bad thing. aku redha. must have a real good reason behind it. for good thing, i thank Allah for that. thank you Lord for blessing me with such wonderful friends and their laughs made my day. went to the Botanical Garden. took photos with beautiful Tulips. laughed and teased each other. ate ice-creams. it was enjoyable.

somehow, their laughs and jokes release a bit the stress inside me and cheer me up. i was in a bad mood today and felt like crying. failed in one the assignments. the worst nightmare ever. my lecturer said it won't make such a huge difference to the final grade as it's only for 10% marks. still, i felt miserable about that. i was unhappy with the fact that i let her down. she has been putting a high expectation on me whereas i have been fooling around and being such ignorant. sobs.

true. everything happens must have a reason. failed once doesn't mean you're a loser forever. failing enables you to learn from mistakes and produce a kick ass result for the next time. take it easy Tina. chill babe. Allah is with you. tell your heart it's fine. then, it will be fine. Allah ada bersama.

till then,

Good night Wellington.


TOPMAN said...

cool~ tension2 g la kacau org.. macm ak slau buat.. haha

Att Ashburn said...

be strong tina. betul, failure tu la makes us stronger. thanks sbb celebration tadi. love always

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