Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Cohort Open House ♥

salam and hey,

last Monday, our cohort open house was a huge success. it has received lots of positive remarks from the guests saying the food was delicious, deco was nice, the service was good and warm. ocean of thanks to those who came. we cohort 3.1 feel flattered upon hearing those comments ♥

walau apa jua yang terjadi, camwhoring is a must :P

Eid Mubaraq people =)

kari mak with sambal belacan.

mee kobit yang sodaaaap.

nasi himpit with kuah kacang. yummy :)

sedap sangat-sangat, next year buat lagi tau (guest, 2010).

insyaallah, kalau ada rezeki buat lagi tahun depan ye. Cohort 3.1 thanks again for all the hard work and full cooperation demi menjayakan open house yang gilang-gemilang ini =) thumbs up to you guys!

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