Tuesday, October 5, 2010

lumrah dunia.

have you ever crossed in your mind or experienced it before?

one thing to win someone's heart and to obtain compliments from someone is to buy his or her some 'nice and expensive' things.

what do you think? money is all that seems to matter in this life? after a while, i received a compliment from someone who's very close to me. but it all happened, after i bought something nice and expensive for her. and it hurt me so deep.

i wonder what if material is going to put aside. do i have to wait forever to hear such compliment from her? are money and material all important in this world?? what about good deeds? no? money wins every time? this is so upsetting. why? am i not good enough for you that i have to win your heart through money and material?

i have yearned for your love and care only God knows since when. why is it so hard for you to show any affection towards me? am i that bad? am i the least person that you care for in your list of 'my favourite people'? gosh, why am i being so emo suddenly?

but i guess life isn't always a bed of roses =.=
naaah, it's okay. i guess it's already written in my fate, not to be loved and appreciated by others.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear, it really hurts when we get to know that sincerity does not exist, but that's the fact now! Doesn't matter, I'm sure there's ppl who wants to compliment u but just couldn't find the right time (or reason to do so) though we do not need a reason to say and do good to others! Cheers ya!

Att Ashburn said...

hadiah tak perlu mahal2. sekadar ingatan. berbekas kat hati. tak berbaloi kejar friendship dari org yg taknak dgn kite pun.

been there, done that. so called my experience.

Anonymous said...

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