Friday, November 26, 2010

for Aslan.

hello earthlings!

i just got back from South Island a few days ago. and i'm way excited to update about about the trip. but today no-no i guess. lazy me. hey wait! i promise i will blog about it soon kay? oh come on. don't get upset with me. i will. i promise.

So. what's up with me lately. nothing much going on i guess. my face is badly sunburned as a result of blaring sun in South Island, cleaning job (i'm a cleaner remember?), movie marathon, shopping and currently reading the third installment of the Chronicles of Narnia. do you not know? let me tell ya. the title is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. can't wait for the movie to hit the cinema this December. ok. zip your lip. i know. i'm a Narnia junkie. sorry guys, Harry Potter isn't my thingy :P

what else? ohh. calling up all Wellingtonians. Harvey Norman is having a garage sale at the harbour tomorrow. i'm definitely going to be there. yeay! shopping. tell me who doesn't like SALE? i'm gonna hunt some good headphones there. ohh yeah. i'm gonna share with you guys a funny story.

a convo that i had with my housemate a few days ago:

Me: Lily, Lily. Ko nampak tak buku Narnia Tina?? yang tebal tue.

Lily: Buku Narnia?? tak nampak pun. ohhh. nie hah.

Me: hah? mane?

Lily: nie hah. dalam wardrobe. wardrobe kan pintu masuk ke Narnia world ko.

Me: bengong ar Lily! aku ingat ko jumpe buku tina. buat lawak pulak dier. Zzzz

Lily: haha. mengarut jee cerita Narnia ko tue. adoyai.

takpe Lily. it's okay. tease me. like i care. haha
snap. it's 2.00 am now. i better gooo. gonna continue reading a few pages of Narnia before i go to bed. cheers people!


manna_salwa said...

huhu~ watch both HP n narnia.. but.. i prefer narnia more.. go narnia! :)

QisTina said...

hey Salwa!
yup. Narnia rulezzz

Anonymous said...

wakakakaka..tgh2 malam cari buku tu..haha..aku ase kejap je kot ko baca?:P haha

QisTina said...

LOL lily.

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