Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss you.

i miss you..
don't you miss us?
i miss you so much..
i keep thinking that you will be parting with us.
each time that thought comes into mind,
i push it away from my mind.
i feel like something missing in my life lately.
i miss the warmness of having you around me.
i miss your laughter and jokes.
i fear at the thought that you would leave us.
i miss you dear.
*you know who you are*



mazhad said...

not me...sure of dat...huhu...da~

QisTina said...

of course not you,
i don't even know you.
may i know,
where did you find my blog,
i'm curious to know,
plus, i do appreciate your comments.

si gadis kecil said...

i miss the person too..

Anonymous said...

who is that? i also feel curious about that. ahaha

Mr Daha said...

I miss you too.. :)

QisTina said...

you miss me mr.daha??
i'm glad :P

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