Monday, June 28, 2010

football is a sin??

hi there,

something bothers my mind. and i need to share it.

i don't really mind of what people have said about World Cup this year. yes. i'm totally ignorant. i don't give a fuss okay? football is my passion. my interest since ages. football made my day. i have been watching football since i was a kid. and now, some people make some noise about that, tell me to stop watching WC. what is your problem? what's wrong if i watch WC? i don't understand. i don't think if watching WC will contribute anything to Israel Zionis. it doesn't make any sense. okay. okay. enough said. i'm totally heart broken hearing England loss. what a bullcrap. but, never mind. Germany you have my full support okay? go and kick the ball! Viva Germany!

i'm pretty sure. some people gonna make some noise reading this post. huhu.. no one made a fuss 4 years agoo. why suddenly asks me to stop now. after what happened to Palestine. what does it have to do with WC? i do pray for Palestine. i do pray for my saudara there. how can you be so sure that i have forgotten them because i watch WC? how can you be so sure i don't pray for them because I watch WC? are you a God? i don't understand. why making a fuss now. why not 4 years ago?? Allah knows what's inside my heart. people outta there don't know okay? so stop. stop making a theory. that people who watch WC are ignorant about what happened to Palestine. not all like that okay? yup. i do watch WC. but, i'm not being a fanatic fan. i just watch. i don't forget my prayers. i don't forget to eat, sleep. *sigh* guys, stop being radical. i'm tired of this.

i'm not sure if i'm doing the wrong thing. because people make fuss about it. can anyone tell me if what i'm doing now is wrong? can anyone tell me why is it wrong? i'm totally clueless. do guide me if i'm taking the wrong path. readers, you tell me, am i doing a wrong thing??



Sophia Rani said...

tak pe qis.. takde salah pon.. org tu tak betol agak nye..

jom terus menyokong WC...

go go go Argentina.. hehe

Att Ashburn said...

yup. asal jangan tinggal ibadah sbb nak tgk world cup sudah.
tapi, ade satu je lah. org sanggup bangun pagi, tak tidur mlm sbb nak tgk bola, tapi tak sanggup smbhyg tahjud. like, att sggp berjaga tgk liverpool, tp tak de plak nk qiamullail sblum tu ke ape.
always remind myself about this. tu kadang- kadang termalu dgn diri sendiri.

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