Wednesday, June 2, 2010

waiting for yesterday.

hi hi.

i'm in the middle of doing revision for LING 223. hurm. i'm a bit tired and my hair is so messy rite now. i'm missing my baby blog. LOL. this morning. i woke up and realised that i had a very bad dream. feel worried bout the dream. afraid it will turn out to be true..huhu..Ya Allah..janganlah benda tue berlaku atas diriku. Amin.

i haven't seen my lil bro to come online. wonder why? hope everything is okay back at home. hurm. somehow, i miss my favourite cuz. Along and Angah. i miss you guys so much! i miss our outings, lepak-ing. let's see each other another 2 years kay? huu..

ok then. need to resume my revision.

if i closed my eyes, and whispered your names. would you come to me and hug me?

till then,

you know you love me.

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