Monday, June 14, 2010

a rewarding day.


yes! yes! freedom babeh! freedom. i'm totally free from books, notes, tests and exam!

exam was finally over this morning. it feels so great. the best feeling ever. after exam, went straight to university. ade makan2 skit sambil dengar Jonathan briefing ape ntah. well, x dengar sangat pun. sebab tengah sebok makan coklat. hahaha. after briefing, went straight home. slept for few hours. i was tired like hell due to last minute revision last night. after Maghrib, me and several fellas headed to town to reward ourselves after enduring such a long and stressful study week and of course the exam this morning. dinnered at Cinta. drank Bubble tea at Momo. then, went on to watch movie at Reading cinema. Titled Nightmare on Elm Street. well, this movie was okay. still one of the cliche horror/thriller English movies. hurm. i started to shiver upon hearing the Fred Kuger's name. LOL. what a psycho flick! haha.. overall, i was satisfied with the movie. nice one! movie started at 9.15 pm and ended at around 11 pm. we took a bus instead of walking. because we were afraid of the drunk people on the streets. it was very late at that time. to wrap up, today is a satisfying day i guess. it feels good to hang out with wonderful people. mucho gracias to housemates, Zaty, Nadiah, Arin, Azu and Wanie. you guys truly made my day!

ok then. that's all for today. Nite people =)

p/s: i'm currently hooked to waka waka eh song. it's the official Fifa World Cup song performed by Shakira. Hoooyeaah! Fifa mode is on starting from today. heeeee...

I Heart Fifa World Cup! what bout you guys? ok pictures!

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