Saturday, November 7, 2009

great food, great walks, great spend.

ok yesterday was fun.
we had sort of girls' day out yesterday. eh no. not really girl's day out.
suddenly Kudin wanted to tag along with us.
so, we decided to drive to Penang, to be exact to Gurney Drive.
though at first, the car got a little problem. all of a sudden, the car didn't want to start .
but we ignored the car and went to try out food at Seoul Garden.
the food was great and yum! we ate non-stop till we gave up. bcoz we were full already.. hahaa..
later, we went window shopping and sight-seeing.
i spent a lot at Gurney.bought myself a nice Roxy bag and a good novel to be read to fill my leisure time, well, you know life is quite boring after exam. huhu..
when it was the time to go back, we were lucky enough bcoz Penang people were very helpful.
few Chinese man offered to fix our car. and finally the car can start again. phew.
it was a nerve-wrecking moment for us. thank god everything went well.
after that, we thanked the guys and drove back to SP.
we reached Ipsah safely..but we dropped by Kudin at Bertam. becoz he wanted to stay overnight at his aunt's house. that's all i guess. bye for now. daa..
these are the pics of the day!

p/s: i spent money a lot yesterday. die die die..huhu..but nice roxy bag that i got..hehe..thanks to ecah, zaty, ain, mufid, neda, soleh, naia, and kudin. yesterday was a blast! great food, great walks and great spend. hehe :D
with love,


*f@ryh@* said...

mane gambar yang makan kat seoul garden tu?upload la tina..waaa syoknye berbelanja sakan ye

QisTina said...

tq2..nanti tina upload.
tenet slow la sekarang..

suraya said...

waaa~ rindu penang!!rindu laouuuuutt.. :P

QisTina said...

kak su,
meh ar turun penang.

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