Thursday, November 5, 2009

it's nothing, but check it out.

what does my birth month say about me??

check it out!!

Fun to be with- i don't know about this. ask my friends. they know me better.
Secretive- yes.not all things can be shared with others
Difficult to fathom and to be understood- hmm..nobody understand what i really want exactly..
Quiet unless excited or tensed- actually, i'm a talkative person.
Concerned about people`s feelings- yes. i do care bout others.
Friendly- of course. people will love to befriend with me.
Approachable- hehe..try la kalo berani. i'll kick your ass. warning for the dudes :D
Emotional - sometimes, when things out of control.
Easily hurt- i can't stand when people talk bad bout me. huhu..
Forgiving but never forgets- yang lepas tue lepas. friends?
Dislikes nonsensical - not into harry potter.. rubbish..sorry potter fans.
Caring and loving - this sounds like me. i care and love my friends, family and cats.
Strong sense of sympathy- boohoo..can't stand to see others suffered.
No difficulties in studying - so far everything is ok. can cope with my course.
Always broods about the past and the old friends- huhu..miss my old friends..i hope they are doing well. long time no see them.
Loves to be loved -yes. who doesn't want to be loved by the loved ones. ehem..


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