Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rotorua in my heart. Part 1.

hello beautiful people.

i'm gonna update about my trip to Rotorua. we departed last Friday. the trip was given name as Jaulah Autumn Easter 2010. this trip was joined by MARA and MOE students. Kak Wani Fuzi is the head of the trip.

for the first day trip,

gathered at The Terrace for breakfast and briefing. departed from Wellington around 10 am. Stopped at Lindale to eat ice-cream. Nyum! Continued and stopped by at Palmerston North for solat. then, continued our journey to Wind Farms. lunched there and of course, camwhoring is a must =) pics down here. please scroll down.

Ice-cream time!

Wind Farms.

Subhanallah. the power of wind can generate electricity and benefits the human.

that's enough for today's post. to be continued...


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