Monday, April 19, 2010

Rotorua in my heart. Part 2.

hello fellow bloggers!

for the second day trip.

went to Skyline and Agrodome to play games. only $ 160 spent for bungee, swoop, skywing and luge. it was way awesome experiences and daredevil stunts done by me =) still can't believe that i tried to kill myself. LOL!

Bungee jumping from 43 metre tower. it was a nerve-wrecking moment for me. phew.

i looked like a number 8 figure. haha.

Swoop. way thrilling and we screamed our lungs out! haha.

Skyswing. not bad at all. still a heart beating moment.

Luge. a lil bit safer than bungee and swoop. liking it!

okay. that's all for today. gotta go. to be continued.

With Love,


chris_lim said...

Woooo that's so fun. Bring me around if im in NZ yea?

QisTina said...

chris: okay jeee..mai2 dtg sini.

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