Wednesday, August 18, 2010

can't wait.

will be Leavinggg on a jet plane this Sunday. Sydney, Australia, here i come babeh!! but, first destination, pergi jalan2 makan angin kat Auckland dulu for 2 days. then baru pergi Oz for 4 days. ngehee..way excited to go there. spoke to Mama the other day.

Me: Mama, ayong nak gi Oz weekend nie.
Mama: Eh, kau biar betuul.
Me: Betul la. Nak gi Oz. Awatnyer?
Mama: Kau baik2 Farah, tue negara orang tau. kot jadi ape2 ker?
Me: Mama relax le. xde bende pun. Pergi ngan kawan2.
Mama: Baik2 tau. Jaaalaaaan je ko eh? study okay tak?
Me: okaaay jeee. Nanti ayong beli ole2 untuk mama.

sorry for not updating ya. been busy bee with revision, tests and Terawih :) will be updating soon. Inshaallah.

ok ciao!

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