Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gunung Jerai's trip...

like i promised you guys before,
i already uploaded the Gunung Jerai's pictures...
here's the pics of the day..yeay!!

the Z1A's gathering.. before departed..
on da way to Gunung Jerai..
aerobic session and briefing..
dunno what the hell i was doing?? this pic taken after we climb up the 1000 stairs..
jadi bengong jap..hehe

candid time!!
break time...huhu..i was sweating buckets..

though tired, i still managed to smile..hehe..
break time again...

lunch time!!

though tired, still managed to pose with the unique tree.. tired+bengang..

finally, the suffering ended..

on da way back to Ipsah..

who's got the style??

that's all i guess,
i really enjoyed my trip to Gunung Jerai,
gunung Jerai did teach me something,
that cooperation and perseverance are vital in order to achieve a goal,
through this trip also, i got to know well my classmates,
then,better go now,
need to be prepared for tomorrow's philosophy presentation,

ok daa...

with love,
me again!!


Mr Daha said...

Hahaha... saper yang pakai baju no 6 tu?? Dia memang paling stylo la!!

QisTina said...

tue christina,
actually dier x tido pun,
pura2 tido..hehehe..

[z@ck] said... kenal je sorg mamat yg bukan bdak tesl 2..

ouh kazen ku rupanya..

mamma mia! said...

alan got the style!! hahah

iZzy aNne said...

hahaha. gamba last paling best. wakakakaka.

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