Monday, March 23, 2009

Reminder for Ahmad Asyraf.

Pesan untuk si dia,

dearest brother, look i'm sorry ok.. i promise i won't get mad at you anymore. you have grown up already, so you can think by yourself, what is good and what is bad to you. i love you and i don't want you to get killed by that 'shit', that 'shit' is not good and useless. it can kill you man!! please bro.. for once in your life, try to listen to me, i'm your sister dude!! for your sake, please leave that 'shit', don't touch that 'shit'. that 'shit' will only get you in the 'shit'. please.. listen to your sister.. i nag because i love you. why can't you see that i love you bro?? don't damage your life and your health for that damn 'shit'!! i don't know what to say anymore, i hope you will listen to me brother. i did this because i love you. Ahmad Asyraf.. lu pikirla sendiri!! malas nak cakap dah..penat tau..huhu..

Kak Long.


mR SyamEL said...

reminder 2 all non-smokers

-dont smoke
-dont discriminate smokers
-smokers can stop their smoking xtvt when they only wanna stop, dont ever force them 2 stop.
-smokers pon org jgk, jgn la marah2. huhuhuhuhu...

ikhlas dari hati..
lawatla blog ak...

QisTina said...

aku x discriminate ko lah,
xda mase aku aku nak suruh ko berenti smoke,
sbb ko tue dah dlm category smoker tegar,
dan telinga kopun dah tentu tegar,

AshleyZul said...

i hope the shit is just cigerate?
coz it can be other thing as well

QisTina said...

it's just cigarettes only,
no other things,
i believe that my brother won't touch other 'shit'thingy..

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