Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's really suffocating.

Exam is over,
but i don't feel anything..
so many things need to be settled,
i'm feeling breathless..hardly to breathe..
it's suffocating..i sigh a lot these few days,
why bad things keep happening to me??
have to think other alternative if the rayuan to stay in the hostel is rejected,
cari rumah sewa??
hmm..pening kepala memikirkan masa depan yang kian gelap,
transportation?? damn!! i don't have license and car!!
oh god.. guide me please..
i hardly breathe now..
mini exhibition??
oh god..why now?? my life is completetly a mess now..
packing?? semester is coming to the end..need to empty my room..
dear Allah..Kau mudahkanlah urusanku..
hambamu begitu terdesak sekarang ini..
ok then..
better go.. need to perform my prayer..
maybe i will calm a little after prayer..

with love,

p/s: i'm crossing my fingers that i can stay in the hostel next sem =(

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