Monday, May 4, 2009

am speechless.

first time i saw it,
i was speechless,

second time i saw it,
i was stunned and couldn't believe my eyes,

total C
definitely C
my eyes didn't lie,

my gred for Linguistics assignment is C!!
disappointment washed over me..
i feel very disappointed..
my hard work all this while only worth 'C',
i guess that i didn't do well enough for the Lingo assignment..
now..i have to do something..
i must study hard for the exam..
i'm going to get a good mark for the Lingo papers..
i will not give up!!
exam!! i'm on my way to challenge You!!

p/s: maybe i should stop blogging for a while..huhu..what say you??


chris@dotagaki said...

only C... still ok. No nid to stop blogging... too much study oso can burst ur head!

adawiah.zaini said...

kalau rasa blogging mengganggu, stop je la tina. tp, jgn curi2 bukak blog org lain plk..wahaha

chris@dotagaki said...

kla, if u wan to stop blogging for awhile go ahead. tp, curi2 bukak my blog la...wahaha

QisTina said...

chris you are so worry ar that i won't bukak your blog,
no lah..
i may be stop updating..but i don't say i won't read other people's blogs kan??

chris@dotagaki said...

lol new song alrdy in ur blog. Pump d energy for u to study.

mamma mia! said...

no blog no life. haha. buleh??

[z@ck] said...

up 2 u..
sumtimes blogging can be the right place 4 u to express ur feelings rite..
whenever and wherever it takes..
try 2 balance it..

Mr Daha said...

Toksah la stop blogging. Bkn efek mana pun kt study. Baek ko stop shoping ke, chating ke, maen games ke, mungkin lagi berkesan kot.. he3 :)

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