Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exam, you drive me crazy.

" i don't feel like studying, i feel like cuddling and just wanna sleep throughout the day"

urgghh..exam is annoying!! wuuuu...
exam is driving me insane!!
i wish i could stop the clock from ticking..and sleep as much as i can..huhu..

me =)


mamma mia! said...

er.. klu clock stop ticking mybe sbb b atery hbs kot.
tp kalo ko nk tdo slame mgkin.. ermm.. aku rase kne bunuh diri kot? erk??

Mr Daha said...

ha3.. relek la.. exam lama lagi kan. jgn la tensen2. :P

chris@dotagaki said...

yea... relax and unwind. I haven't even masuk exam mood.

QisTina said...

yup..i need to chill a bit..
don't too stress!!
chill..chill Tina..

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