Monday, July 5, 2010

5th July. Imma a year older!

hi people.

okay. today was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. yeay! i had a blast birthday today :)
clap clap. imma a year older. a year wiser. and a year cuter. wahahah. just kidding :)

i woke up this morning by a call from Zaty (my darl). she asked me to wake up and meet her at 12.30 pm. she's gonna treat me with Momo tea :) then, i washed up. and jeng2 my housemates and Kema surprised me with a cake and spaghetti. nom nom. yummy. thanks housemates. Shud. your hand made cake was nice :) Ky. your spaghetti was yummy too :) thanks guys!

after that, went out. and met Wanie at Manners street. we both headed to meet Zaty at Momo tea. arrived there, and saw Nadiah. chatted. and ordered the drinks. i ordered Peach Nata. Zaty's treat :) :)

Zaty gave me a birthday card. auwww..thanks sayang. how sweet of you Zaty. i love it :) Nadiah also gave me a card. i opened the card and saw...........Eclipse movie ticket!!!! omgeeee...i screamed. haha..speechless..thanks Nadiah. i love your present :) we rushed to Reading cinema bcoz the Eclipse was about to start at 1pm. in the cinema, we enjoyed the movie very much. we giggled, giggled and giggled. that's what we did the whole two hours. we were mesmerized by the hotness of Jacob. auuwwww..he's HOT. Still, Edward i love your smile :)after the movie finished. chilled and played some games at Time Zone. you know, kind of place where youth hang out and kill the time (lepak sambil main games). got a text from Ecah. she asked me to go to Stadford and get the onions that we left there yesterday. so, off we went to Stadford. on the way, we did stop at Glasson, where Wanie bought her super cool leather jacket. auuww..

at Stadford, jeng jeng. another surpriseee..omgeee...i had no idea there's going to be another celebration of me. i was clueless. the onions trick worked i guess. hehe..i saw my friends Bubu, Juwe, Nik, Kema, Najwa, Farid, and Ecah (my darl) came up to me with a cake. Ecah's hand made cake. thanks roomie!! i love you to bits and pieces :) we had a feast. Juwe's fried mee hoon, coke, ice-cream, Ecah's cakes. yummy. thanks guysss :) :) i love you guys soooo much. you guys made my day sooo memorable and happy. gosh, i'm sooo gay today.

again, i wanna thank housemates, dearie friends for the surprises and celebration. i'm sooo touched. i'm soo happyy. there's no words to describe how happy i was today. for those who wished me birthday wishes. thanks again. thanks for remembering me and those wishes, moga dikabulkan Allah. Amin. thanks again :) one of the best birthdays i ever had :) gosh, i'm soo glad to be blessed with wonderful people around me. thank you Allah.

thankss kerana sudi ingat akan insan ini, dan sudi meluangkan masa bersama Tina hari nie :) sayang korang taww :) thankss so much. i appreciate all that you guys did for me. sob sob. imma about to burst with tears. huhu.. thankss guysss :)

hugs and kisses,


tqa said...

happy belated birthday!!

QisTina said...

thanks ya!

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