Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winter Tale 2010.

hi there.

i know this post kinda out-dated. but i don't care. by the way, it's my bloody blog kan? heheh.. so, i can update whenever i want :) So, the last Thursday, went for a ski trip to Mount Ruapehu with the Vic Muslims. it was a 3 days and 2 nights trip. overall, i spent about 200 dollars. 100 for the food, accommodation and trasportation. and another 100 for the ski. ski definitely cost a lot but i don't really mind. for me, it's like a chance once in a lifetime. ski for the 2nd time? i don't think so. the next time, if i go to Mt. Ruapehu again, i think i would just play the snow. buat snow man i guess? or just guling2 atas snow :)

Mount Ruapehu. Indahnya ciptaan Allah S.W.T kan?

posed with Mr. Froggy before ski lesson. hehe.. x paham actually nape ade signboard froggy kat situ :) but cute kan? i mean the froggy :)

i'm sliding...weehoooo.. this pic was snapped during the ski lesson.

chilled out with Wanie, Lily and Ecah. actually, we kinda had a break from playing ski because we kept falling. suck giler main ski :)

i love this pic seriously :) this is a trip to be remember. i will cherish it forever. i'm glad to be given the opportunity to study in oversea. thanks Allah. I LOVE New Zealand :)



Sophia Rani said...

seronoknyaaaaaaaaaaaaa... mahu juga!!!

QisTina said...

opie: mari2 visit qiss di siniii..hehe

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