Friday, July 2, 2010

Saint Brendan's Catholic School Part 2

hi there.

i wanna continue on my teaching experince day 3. hehe.. on day 3, we followed the Room 5 students (Year 6,7 and 8) to Upper Hutt Intermediate School. the reason is St. Brendan is a small school and doesn't have enough facilities to cater the students. so, the students will travel to this school to learn about living skills. the students are divided into 3 groups. each group will do different living skills like craft, sewing, cooking, wood technology. the kids were totally awesome. they did so well. well, honestly, i totally suck at sewing and wood technology during my school days. for instance, i pricked my finger with a needle and i accidentally hit my hand with a hammer. haha..what a clumsy person i am :)

during art class.

they were making something out of clay. very impressive :)

during sewing class.

during wood technology class.

well, let's move to another part of this post. for the 3rd day. i was asked by Karolina to teach about Malaysia. i had prepared a slide show to teach them about the people of Malaysia and festivals they celebrate. interesting right? i was nervous like hell for the whole day. my whole body was shaking and trembling i tell you. because i'm about to teach a lesson to white kids. well, you know English is their native language where as my English is not really good. huhu.. well Tina, be confident of yourself. you can do it! Kia Kaha!

my lesson was about half an hour. and i did it! i presented my lesson with explanation and provided examples to assist the student's comprehension and to widen their general knowledge. the kids seemed interested to my lesson. i feel glad. thank God. they asked me a lotsa questions, and i gave them the answers. they were so eager asking me questions about Malaysia and Islam. i feel flattered. because the kids were so interested to know about Malaysia and Islam. i hope one day they will open their heart to embrace Islam. hope that they will understand that Islam is beautiful and Islam is the way of life.

okay. that's all i guess for part 2. to be continued. stay tune :)


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