Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kena Tag daaa..

Salam and hi people. May the peace, mercy and blessings from Allah be with you people. Aite! a close friend of mine has tagged me. hoyeah, so with great honour and pleasure i'm gonna answer her tag :)

#1. what's the name of the blog and why u named it so?
it is called Keeping Faith. Why is it so? Because I have faith in Him. It is the belief that lives in my heart, i have faith in His Divine Koran, His Prophets, His Angles, His Fate and His Last Day. and I'm gonna continue to keep faith in HIM till my last breath.

#2. when did you started blogging?
Hurm. about 2 years ago.

#3. your first follower
i don't really remember. if i'm not mistaken, the very first followers that i had are my course mates.

#4. something for the person who tagged you
people called her Att. my course mate and such a good friend of mine. she's a nice person and she talks a lot. hehe.. suka dengar Att bila berkata-kata. she speaks wisdom words :) i likee.. she's a kind of person who sticks to her own life principles. 'action is better than words' works best with her :)

#5 next 6 cute blogs:
Hurm. the next cute blogs will be:

-Opie Mghs
-Alint Weyh Mghs
-Fath Mghs
-Mimi Mghs
-Lily so sweet
-that's guys kene tag tau? better jawab. Hehehe.


Att Ashburn said...

tina. soalan no 4 tu, kene alter.
bukan utk en azmi.
but something for the person who has tagged u (att, that's me) haha

thanks for doing it

QisTina said...

att: sudah dialter..hehehe..

att said... sweet. u're a close friend of mine too.. super duper heart hehe

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