Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Apa barang!

played futsal this evening,
it has been a while since i haven't played futsal,
so i'm a bit berkarat lah.
our team's name is 'Apa Barang..' haha..that name given by ky.
1st game we drew 1-1,
2nd game we drew 0-0.
overall we played with our heart.
poor ky. she sprained her ankle. but the doctor said she's fine.
thank god.
syeera said our team managed to enter the quarter final. hope the championship will be ours.
ok.. i'm off to discussion.

with love,
always the same girl.


kimomoto said...

wau gurl minat men futsal, hehe bestkn men futsal, esok bgn tido msti lenguh2 tara igt punye hehe

Sophia Lee said...

wanna play toO...
but dont know how..
coz i am cinemaholic..
(^.~) wink wink..

QisTina said...


haha..i know dat. you r soo into movies. especially malay movies.huhu..

[z@ck] said...

nama sungguh sempoi..
moga ky cepat sembuh..

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