Friday, July 17, 2009

A day out in Penang.

so today i went to penang. with soleha, naia, neda and mufid.
the destination, sunway carnivall mall.
i managed to prove myself as a truly Malaysian by using public transportation to go there. naik bus lah. we arrived there around 12 pm.
we had lunch at Kenny Rogers. huhu..the meal cost me a lot ok.
after that we went for sight-seeing and shopping a lil bit.
at 2.45 pm we watched Harry Potter and the half blood prince.
my comment about the movie. seriously boring.huhu..
during the first hour of the movie, i yawned for several times.
not much suspenses and fights. but a lot of romantic and comedy scenes.
huhu.. i never got to understand Harry Potter's movies.
maybe because i don't read the books at all.
so that's why i said the movie is boring. sorry Potter's fans.
i think the previous movie Harry Potter and the order of phoenix is much much better than this one.
oh yeah, i did buy several items. it's a secret. i won't spill the beans!! hihi..
ok lah. sleepy already. overall, today was a blast.
naia, neda, mufid and soleh we should go out together more often. it was fun hanging out with you guys.

p/s: looking forward to watch New Moon. can't wait. :)

goodnite people.



[z@ck] said...

hoh..skang ni suma pakat try public trnsportation g penang..
ak x lrat..konfirm tercabut kaki bila smpi sunway..

Mr Daha said...

apsal smua tbe2 guna public transport ni? ada pape ke?

Harry Potter xbest? dah dua kali aku dgr... hmm.. nak tgk.. tp cam xberbaloi je.. ntahla..

chris@dotagaki said...

Ha.... harry potter x besh? Baru nak pergi tgk... shuld I?

mamma mia! said...

dah 2 org ckp heri potter x best ni... huhu yes!! new moon! im waiting 4 u too! heh

QisTina said...

my dear bloggers,
for me Harry Potter is quite boring.
but if you the die hard fans of Harry Potter. then you should go and watch it.
well, it's your money.not mine.hihi..
anyway, happy watching!!

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