Thursday, December 31, 2009

Daddy Cool.

hey humans,

i'm back guys! 2 days of not updating seems like ages..haha..
i wanna update on what is going on in my life today.
went to Jusco with the family. reached there around 8 something. went to the bags and luggages department.
after a half hour of browsing and arguing with my dad bout the price, finally bought quite a large luggage. phew. it costs my dad quite a lot. sorry dad. hehe.. then, went dinnered at McD with the family.
so, i guess my day is satisfying. not a bore i guess.
i couldn't help it but to laugh when i saw my dad's face when he was paying for the luggage. his forehead creased a lot. hehe..soryy dad. well, it's totally worth it!
ok then, don't want to elaborate more. let the pics do the talking kay.

the price before discount. after discount it costs RM +++.

that's all i guess.
okay babes, i'm off to watch 13 going 30 on Star Movies. till then,

au revoir people.



widda_me said...

pitam tgok harga sebenar dia....
tp harga after diskaun pun msti sy pitam gak.....

anyway nice a nd simple layout u have..i loike...

QisTina said...

hey thanks.
keep reading my blog.

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