Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So you think you can dance people?

hello living people,

been watching this show for like every week now.
i loveee thiss show :D
the routines and the dances are just waayy awesome and plain sickkk :D
my fav dancers so far are Mark Kanemura (the fact that he's soooo cuteee), Chelsie, Katee, Courtney.

ohhh're soo damn cuteee :D

he's a hoottie. doesn't he look gorgeous here?

kaylah. this is so random. yeah i know.
gotta goo.
my shoulder is aching like hell :(

p/s: the reason i'm doing this post bcoz i'm damn bored dowh.

favorite word of the week: DAMN :D



JieJie said...

yey...qis..jijie tgk k..damn my fav. couple...joshua n katee..dorang nmpk sgt best..n couple yg cute..gev n courtney..huhu..dorang sgt cute..:D...

QisTina said...

tq jijie, qis x minat sgt couple2. more to individual lah..

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