Thursday, December 9, 2010

The best way to make future interesting is to create it.

Location: Lake Tekapo, South Island.
My Summer's Checklist:
  1. South Island trip (Christchurch & Queenstown) - check.
  2. Summer's job - check. but, gotta find second job i guess. life gets bored every single day.
  3. North Island trip - soon. can't wait. can't wait *smile*
  4. Movie? - soon. next week probably. Tuesday offers the cheapest price. Hail King Edmund. *wink*
  5. Finish reading all series of the Chronicles of Narnia - err. not sure. i hope so.
  6. Nak kurus? - pending. haha. not going to happen. LOL
  7. Keep my eyes on any SALE signs- definitely :P
  8. Spend a whole day in BORDERS and read books - soon. i have been wanting to do this since ages. got to find one perfect day for it.
  9. Picnic at Botanical garden - i don't know. need to plan with housemates first.
  10. try to cook new dishes or baking? - tengokla if rajin :P

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