Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Queenstown the next day.

on day 6, we went for some adrenaline-pumping activities. we tried Kawarau jetboat. price ticket was only 87 dollar. way cheap. booked the tickets first at our backpackers and boarded the boat at Queenstown pier.
LOL. the look on my face. i was so excited for the jetboat ride.
lambai dulu sebelum start :P
briefing before the ride.
excited to feel the thrill.
with extreme speed, the driver performed us a very scary move such as this boat spin 360 degrees and stopped. cool huh?
plus, we got to see the scenic views of Lake Wakatipu.
the ride lasted for 30 minutes. i was like hell dizzy but still control muka. LOL
after jet-boating experience, now it's the boys turn to try bungee jumping. we need to take Skyline gondola to the top to get to their bungee place. no offense. but the ride was so bored and slow.
thankfully, when we arrived at the top, we were greeted with magnificent views of Lake Wakatipu and the mountain ranges. atleast, kira berbaloi lah naik gondola tue :P
AJ Hackett Bungy Queenstown. sumpah seram tengok. ini adalah percubaan berani mati oleh Tajul. you go dudeee.
Skyline gondola. alaa macam kat Langkawi je :P
came across this Malaysia flag. *muka proud* hellooooo, Malaysia flag in Queenstown okay?? a reason to be proud of.
we heart Queenstown. do you?

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Heidi Shafiq said...

wow.. sgt menarik beb.. :)

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