Saturday, December 4, 2010

am i jinxed?


i can't see that my life is falling apart. my bright future is breaking to pieces. i'm so screwed. a series of unfortunate events happened to me. i'm totally jinxed.

i feel that i'm not capable of doing anything. even easy peasy thing like cleaning job, i have screwed it. one word. LOSER. yeah, that's ME. i was cleaning my employer's house and bad incident happened. i was vacuuming near the book rack when suddenly a vase on top of the rack fell and broke. i was so speechless. i couldn't believe what my eyes had seen. i have informed the incident to my employer. i told her how sorry i am and i'm willing to replace it with money. few days have passed since that and i haven't received any reply from my employer. i guess i'm fired. i think i have lost my job. GREAT. the best summer of my life.

Charlotte. i am terribly sorry. it was all my fault. i should be fired.


i'm so upset. life hasnt' been treating me well. dear summer. please be nice to me. after what has happened, i feel terribly homesick. i wanna go home. i miss my family so damn much. sigh.


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