Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post Practicum Reflection Part 2

        When I first taught the classroom it was difficult for me to get all pupils’ attention. They were very talkative and it was hard for me teaching while they were talking and doing other things. I realized that you have to know pupils and know their names to get their trust and control the class.        

       Grabbing the attention of the pupils is also another issue that is vital when working as a primary teacher. This is because the English language is foreign to them and therefore as the teacher, I had to make the learning process of this language as interesting as possible. Therefore, to prevent boredom and pupils’ distraction, I prepared interesting set inductions in my lesson plans. My analysis of the class showed that this class had not done anything before that involved a warm-up activity. Therefore, when I introduced the set induction activity, they showed an interest to the lesson. Furthermore, I used picture aids such as PowerPoint and flashcards to help them learn some words and phrases. One of the advantages of using pictures in teaching is its ability to attract the attention of the pupils and enhance their ability to retain everything they have learnt in class, especially when introducing new words. 

        Group work is another issue faced during my practicum days was related to classroom management. Since I believe pupils should be able to roam freely, the classroom environment became much more chaotic. This type of cooperative learning environment also fosters an increased noise level, which seemed to disrupt other pupils. I will be better prepared to overcome such dilemmas in the future. It is very important to keep the classroom under control during the group work. I provided the signs “We Need Help” to reduce the noise level during the group work. Pupils need to hold up the sign with their mouths closed if they encounter any difficulties. I will go to them and give guidance to them when necessary.

To be continued...

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