Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a day out with dearest besties :)

hello people,

today i went out with my two dearest besties,
opie and maryam,
we went for a movie, titled Jangan pandang belakang congkak,
boring and stupid.. but it's least i did laugh a bit..hehe..
we had our lunch at Johnny's,
while we were having our meals,
a lady came to sell perfumes, Barbie Doll brand..
she said that the perfumes were imported from Barcelona,Spain
and celebrating its 50th anniversary,
so she would give us special offer,
we ignored her and later she walked away,

Opie: 50th anniversary??
Me: What a joke, never heard of that name before, they must be fake!!

after movie, we went for window shopping and sight-seeing around Dataran Pahlawan,
and I did snap several pictures of us..

i guess that all for today, generally i had fun today,
thanks opie, maryam.. you guys made my day :)
see you guys around soon and keep in touch with me ok dear!!

TiNa :)


Att Ashburn said...

tina..att pun pegi dkt2 DP smlm..x jupe pun huhu

nurul amirah arifin said...

nape ak xde disitu juge..hehehehe....

QisTina said...

lah att,
awat x habaq gi melaka,
melepas nak jumpe att,

Anonymous said...

tina...bile nak kuar dgn kite neh...wawawawawa

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