Friday, June 5, 2009

Tom Cruise of India :)

hello beautiful people,

i'm back again to blog a bit,
ok..just straight to the point,
lately, i indulged myself into Hindi movies,*smile*
it's been a while since i haven't watched any Hindi movies,
i used to watch a lot those days, during my school days,
well, the past few days, i watched a lot of Shah Rukh Khan movies on youtube,
i love shah rukh!! he's such a hottie!!
i cried a lot you know,
shahrukh's acting is so damn goood and so touching, huhu..
especially in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham and Mohabbatein..
i cried buckets while watching those movies!!
i love you Shahrukh!!
promise me you will never ever quit acting..huhu..
one more,
when are you going to visit Melaka again??
hehehe..just joking..*smile*
shahrukh's nickname in India is King of Bollywood,
yup..i agree with that..he's truly a king!!
and some called him Tom Cruise of India, hoho..
i love short guys!!
his trademark are his smile and his dimple,
oh..i love his dimple,
and his smile is so cute!!
i guess i fell in love with shahrukh for the million times..
ihihik..*cheeky smile*
ok..shahrukh do come and visit me in my dream tonite,
heheh.. ok then, better get going..

with love,


Att said...

mcm tu u should come down to KL..kt istana budaya die nk wat minggu hindustan ke pe tu..hehe..
ya ampun lg teruk kegilaan kat hindustan dr att hehe

adawiah.zaini said...

wawawa mmg tahap tangkap cintan ngn shah rukh khan ni ek?

chris@dotagaki said...

every1's seems to b in a shahrukh khan fever lately...

QisTina said...

lah att,
mane mampu nak gi sane,
kene bayar kan??
xpelah tgk kat you tube je lah..

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