Saturday, June 13, 2009

never say goodbye..

i don't know what to say,
i hope this isn't real,
he's gone without saying goodbye,
i'm going to miss him so badly,
i respect his decision and i'm wishing him all the best in whatever he is doing,

if you are reading this post,
i really hope you don't forget our friendship,
it's really nice to have you as my friend and insyaallah i won't forget you,
always trust yourself and have a faith in Allah,
may Allah bless you and your family..
do remember me dude!!
i will kill you for sure if you don't keep in touch with me!!
i don't want to bid you farewell,
because i believe we'll meet again in the future..

yours truly,
QisTiNa :)


just me said...

hurm..stiap pertemuan ada perpisahan kan?

QisTina said...

yup..dlm hidup nie kte bertemu dan akhirnya berpisah gak..not fair sometimes..

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