Monday, January 11, 2010

i wish for a miracle to happen =(

hello people,

Warnings. i might sound depressed and upset in this post. bear with me okay? it's official! my sony phone cannot be saved anymore. her damage is so severe. i'm heart broken. how could you do this to me? i've been loving you since the day i purchased you. you are so ungrateful. you stabbed me from behind instead all the love and care that i've given to you. i hate you to death. damn you!

Rite now, i want a new phone badly. but, how in the world am i gonna get a new one? my budget is not even enough to buy a phone. i wish a new sony walkman would just fall down from the sky. i'm totally depressed!! shitty. I WANT A NEW PHONE! waaaaaa..



[z@ck] said...

apa lagi..
nanti dapat duit 800, beli la hp baru..

Att Ashburn said...

you sounded like you are mad with a friend hehe.. relax tina..jap je lg bakal dpt elaun beribu hahahaha

QisTina said...

phone tue x sampai a half year pun.
gerammm nyeer..

mamma mia! said...

bn nnt kt welly dpt hp free ke?

QisTina said...

ye ker kema?
sape yg bagi?

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