Thursday, April 2, 2009

once da Reds, always da Reds.

hello living people!!
hope that everybody is in the good shape and leading a happy life,
as for me,
so far my life is getting better,
and thanks to Allah that i have friends who always stand by me,

actually i don't have any ideas on what to blog about,
hmm..maybe i can talk bout my interests,
i bet that not everyone knows that i'm a football fan, (bola sepak ye, not American football)
my passion towards football is soo strong..and high..
i still remember those days, during my schooling days,
i stayed up late till morning just to watch football match on ESPN (my fav channel)
my parents didn't say anything because they already knew that their daughter was 'gile bola',
wanna know my favourite teams??
England and Liverpool,
overall, i'm a die hard fan of Liverpool,
i totally like Liverpool,
for me, Liverpool is the best team in the world..(mesti org kater aku nie poyo, teams Malaysia x support, team overseas pulak support)
don't mind what others think bout me,
i just love Liverpool,
remember the song..and You'll never walk aloooneee...
the craze for Liverpool started when i was in form 4..
i still remember the UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool Vs AC Milan in 2005, Instanbul,
all predicted that AC Milan will be the champion because Liverpool wasn't good enough and being called as 'underdog',
but during the match,
Liverpool had trasformed from 'underdog' team to 'magnificent' team,
their spirits was on the air,
and they never gave up to put the ball on the net,
in the first half,
liverpool was left behind AC Milan 3-0,
they never lost hope till in the second half,
they managed to catch up and they draw with AC Milan 3-3 till the injury time,
in the end, liverpool won the penalty shoot-out and became the champion for the 5th time throughout Liverpool history,
i fell in love with Liverpool straightly after i watched the was the greatest match in the history of UEFA Champions League,
it was called by the football spectators as the miracle of Instanbul because Liverpool managed to catch up after left behind 3-0 in the first half,
that's how i fell in love with Liverpool,
interesting rite,
my favourite player is Steven G, he is the heart of the Liverpool team and the captain,
i like him so much...because he is so adorable..hehe..
plus, he is one of the best midfielders in the world..Go Gerrard!!
now, i've been the Liverpool supporter for almost 4 years..and i don't think i will stop from supporting Liverpool in the future..
nowadays, i hardly watch liverpool games but i always keep up to date with the Liverpool performances via internet and newspaper Kosmo..ceh2 macam manager lak aku..hehe..
ok my friends i shall go now,
i will update real soon,

p/s: rase2 nyer Liverpool bole jadi juara EPL x this year??

with love,


[z@ck] said...

erm..zack minat team KEDAH..
hijau kuning!!
go go go!!!


QisTina said...

alamak zack,
terasa I..
next year nanti baru Tina sokong team Telekom Melaka..

adalicious said...

kedah pantang kalah,
walau sakit jatuh & rebah...

QisTina said...

nie lagi satu,
cik ada nie macam perli Tina je..
nanti Tina support Kedah lak next year..

TOPMAN said...

liverpool nk mng epl??
tnggu semua player MANCHESTER UNITOP accident patah kaki baru leh.. kih3..

QisTina said...

cis..mat top..berani ko mengutuk Liverpool aku,
memang x sayang mulut ko nie,
liverpool bole menang punyer..
tengok la nanti..
sape yang frust menonggeng,
ko ker?
atau aku??

The Pen's Owner said...

ku tlah jatuh cinta dgn liverpool..
sy sgt minat mereka..

QisTina said...

att, sehati sejiwa ngan Tina,
idop da reds!!

nurul amirah arifin said...

tau dh sgt..tgk bola smpai awal pg pas2 dlm klas kt sekolah cter psl bola..miss that moment!!

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